Backsteinspeicher Stralsund

From eyesore to jewel! A decayed granary is enriching the cityscape of Stralsund once again. The lavishly restored brick building features four apartments, of which three are rented as holiday homes.

The 190 square meter apartment Sternwitten is spread out over the ground floor and first floor. The two smaller apartments Nikolai (75 square meters) and Jakobi (61 sqm) are located on the 2nd floor under the roof. The special character of the former granary has been retained inside the apartments: brick-faced masonry, half-timbered walls, beamed ceilings, open floor plans and up to 5 meters high airspaces. Modern additions are floors made of oak planks and bathrooms of natural stone. Each apartment has a fireplace, apartment Sternwitten also features a sauna. Because the granary is located in the center of the Old Town you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Jakobi church from the balconies or the terrace.

What to do

The harbor island with the sailing harbor, the Oceanarium and many restaurants are within short walking distance, the city beach is 2 km away. Sailing, museums, theaters, exhibitions, concerts, fishing, trips by ferry to Hiddensee, trips to Rügen, Darß

Why we like this house

Stylish fusion of old and new.

This house is great for

Couples, friends and families who love both: urban flair and the breeze of the sea!

Details of the property

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Stralsund

Name: Backsteinspeicher Stralsund

Scenery: historic town

Accommodation: Apartment

Number of guests: two apartments for 2-4 people, another for 6-8 guests.

Architecture: Old & new

Completed: 2015

Design: gmw architekten, Stralsund

Awards: Koggensiegel 2015, Bauherrenpreis 2014


Annamaria Riedel said:

Ich war schon mehrfach dort. Bin immer wieder begeistert. Für Familienfeiern bestens geeignet.

Kirsten Götze said:

einfach nur toll, aber einfach zu unbekannt!,,

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