Casa Vilasión

Casa Vilasión, located in a small village in the centre of Galicia, reflects the peaceful tranquillity and rural atmosphere of the region. Built from the ruins of an old farmhouse, the holiday home is a retreat that skilfully combines old and new, rustic ambience and modern design.
The old, crumbling stone house has been rebuilt and extended by adding a roof to the patio, integrating the stable into the house. The building – which looks traditional from the outside – is now divided into three open-plan mezzanine-floors, which merge smoothly into one another. On the lower level there are two bedrooms;  on the middle level is the kitchen and the spacious living room with a fireplace, which opens onto the garden and the 17-metre pool. The living area continues on the upper level, and there are two further bedrooms here as well. In a playfully light way, the interior combines old and new. Gentle natural tones create a calm atmosphere, while the different materials and many details of the furnishings, such as old iron radiators, the fireplace designed especially for the house and various works of art, add an interesting tension.

What to do

Enjoying the poo; a group of prehistoric petroglyphs can be reached in a 20-minute walk; visits to various sights and cities: Castillo de Pambre, Monasterio e Iglesia de Vilar de Donas, Pazo de Oca, Santiago de Compostela, Lugo, Ribeira Sacra; excursions to the spectacular coast

Why we like this house

The revitalisation of a dilapidated farmhouse as a wonderful retreat in the countryside – with lots of space and charisma. Thanks to its favourable location in the centre of Galicia, the house is a good starting point to get to know the region.

This house is great for

Family holidays in the countryside. Also well suited for holidays with friends, as all four bedrooms have an en-suite bathroom.

Details of the property

Region/Town: ES – Spain, Galicia, Ulloa, Vilasión

Name: Casa Vilasión

Scenery: In a small village surrounded by a breathtaking landscape

Accommodation: House

Number of guests: Max. 8 in 4 bedrooms

Architecture: Old & new

Completed: 2010

Design: Reyes Castellano, Ventura Estudio, Madrid

Special Features: For your first few days there the ingredients for breakfast (local and handmade products) are provided.

Buchungsanfrage / Booking Request


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