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Region/Town: CH – Switzerland, Graubünden, Safien valley, Safien Platz

Name: Nühus

Scenery: quiet mountain valley in the Swiss Alps


Papaver 33

The holiday home Papaver 33 in the Grison village Sevgein is the extension to an old house and replaces a dilapidated barn. The construction made of natural materials blends in perfectly with the existing building and is both timeless and modern. …

Region/Town: CH – Switzerland, Graubünden, Surselva, Sevgein

Name: Papaver 33

Scenery: small mountain village in the Swiss Alps

Accommodation: House


Casa Fischer

Mid-century Architecture in Ticino: Near the village of Sala Capriasca – 10 km north of Lugano – the Casa Fischer sits on a sunny south-facing slope with magnificent views on three sides. Designed in 1959 by the Swiss architect Heinrich Graf, …

Region/Town: CH – Switzerland, Ticino, Sala Capriasca

Name: Casa Fischer

Scenery: peaceful location on a southern slope with great views.

Accommodation: House



The mountain village Martisberg in the Swiss Valais only has a few houses and 19 inhabitants. The Josihaus is one of the buildings nestled at 1367 meters altitude on the sunny southern slope. It was built in the 1950s by Josi Müller himself with the help of his friends from the village. …

Region/Town: CH – Switzerland, Valais, Martisberg

Name: Josihaus

Scenery: Mountain village on a slope with view of mountain peaks

Accommodation: House


Haus Pura

The 400 year old Ticino house in the historic village of Pura was restored and furnished with great attention to detail and unusual design by the Swiss designer Erica Matile. Old building fabric and an eclectic design style give the house its special character. …

Region/Town: CH – Switzerland, Ticino, Malcantone, Pura

Name: Haus Pura

Scenery: historical center of a Ticinese village

Accommodation: House


Schilana 80

Some 300 years old, Engadine house Schilana80 is centrally located within the village of Ramosch in the Lower Engadine. A typical house for the area, with massive stone walls that are decorated with paintings, small windows and a large front door. …

Region/Town: CH – Switzerland, Engadine, Ramosch

Name: Schilana 80

Scenery: Mountain village on a slope in the Alps

Accommodation: House


Alpine Lodge Pontresina Chesa Plattner

The Alpine Lodges in the Swiss village Pontresina are centrally located, yet quiet and with a mountain view. The building with its modern alpine architecture sets itself apart from the village´s typical Engadine houses. The Alpine Lodges‘ design is modern but pays respect to the traditions of the Engadine: regional ornaments and typical materials are used and interpreted in a contemporary way. …

Region/Town: CH – Switzerland, Graubünden, Engadin, Pontresina

Name: Pontresina Chesa Plattner

Scenery: in a village, with alpine panorama

Accommodation: Apartment


Zumthor Vacation Homes

Leis is a hamlet of several old wooden chalets, a white chapel and a small restaurant, located in the mountains above Vals in Graubünden. Here, at 1,500 meters, the internationally renowned architect and Pritzker Prize winner Peter Zumthor built three wooden houses: the Oberhus, …

Region/Town: CH – Switzerland, Leis ob Vals

Name: Zumthor Vacation Homes

Scenery: Graubünden

Accommodation: House


Chesa Wazzau

A swiss idyll straight out of a picture book: In the Chesa Wazzau, an Engadine house dating from the 17th Century, you will feel like you’ve stepped a few centuries back in time. The house has been renovated in a way that preserves the original character. …

Region/Town: CH – Switzerland, Engadin, Bever

Name: Chesa Wazzau

Scenery: mountain village in the Swiss Alps

Accommodation: House



Anyone who wishes to spend his holidays in a historic architectural monument can take a short trip back in time within the Huberhaus in the Upper Valais. The Huberhaus is a traditional alpine log house built in the 16th century. …

Region/Town: CH – Switzerland, Oberwallis, Weiler Eggen

Name: Huberhaus

Scenery: Bellwald, alpine

Accommodation: House


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