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Spending your holidays at our houses in Scandinavia means spending your holidays surrounded by nature and close to the water. A holiday home on the Danish North Sea coast or on the Baltic Sea island of Mön would be the perfect choice for anyone who loves the beach. And if you're looking for peace and quiet, you'll find both in a Swedish forest, by a Finnish lake, or on a Norwegian island. Mind you, whichever you choose, you'll see that our Nordic friends have a knack for design. It's that famous Skandi-chic: simple design, natural materials, and quality craftsmanship.


Situated by the North Sea, near fjords, lakes and dunes, this holiday home interacts with its natural environment and integrates qualities of simple living.

Region/Town: DK – Denmark, Agger

Name: aavego

Scenery: North Sea

Accommodation: House



By Råbylille beach on the island of Møn, and some 350 m from the water’s edge, stands the bright, spacious and attractively modern Black+Bright house.

Region/Town: DK – Denmark, Moen (Møn)

Name: Black&Bright

Scenery: Baltic Sea

Accommodation: House


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