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Holiday homes in Apulia

Villa Ashyana

Villa Ashyana, located in the southern Italian region of Puglia, is surrounded by olive trees that stretch out in long rows toward the horizon. With its elongated floor plan, the villa’s cubic structure fits precisely between two of these rows. …

Region/Town: IT – Italy, Puglia, near San Vito dei Normanni

Name: Villa Ashyana

Scenery: Amidst ancient olive groves

Accommodation: House


Masseria Moroseta

The Masseria Moroseta B&B near the Apulian town of Ostuni is surrounded by a 5-hectare ecological olive grove. The bright white building is a modern interpretation of the traditional Apulian farm, the “Masseria”. The wall on its entrance side appears stark and closed off. …

Region/Town: IT – Italy, Apulia, Ostuni

Name: Masseria Moroseta

Scenery: between olive groves near the Adriatic coast

Accommodation: B&B


Alchimia Townhouses

In the Alchimia townhouses you can experience lively southern Italian city life up close. The Torretta Alchimia is located on a hill near the cathedral of Ostuni, the white city of Apulia. The Palazzina Alchimia, a 17th century townhouse, is centrally located on the ancient Corso Garibaldi in the Apulian town of Fasano.

Region/Town: IT – Italy, Apulia, Ostuni and Fasano

Name: Torretta Alchimia and Palazzina Alchimia

Scenery: In the center of two small mediterranean towns, in a panoramic position

Accommodation: House


Principe Amedeo

Authentic southern Italian way of life in the historic heart of the Apulian town of Galàtone: The apartment Principe Amedeo is located on the first floor of the Palazzo Nobile, an extension to the small church of San Giovanni Battista from the 17th century. …

Region/Town: IT – Italy, Apulia, Salento, Galatone

Name: Principe Amedeo

Scenery: between the narrow streets of the historic center

Accommodation: Apartment


Casa Via Garibaldi

The small town Locorotondo (“round city”), located about 12 km from the Adriatic coast in Apulia, has a circular medieval old town and is one of the „Borghi più belli d’Italia“, the most beautiful villages in Italy. …

Region/Town: IT – Italy, Apulia, Locorotondo

Name: Casa Via Garibaldi

Scenery: historical, densely built old town on a hill

Accommodation: House


Il Cubo

Located only 5 km from the sparking Ionian Sea, Il Cubo is nestled in a peaceful courtyard in the historic center of Nardò in the magical Salento region of southern Italy’s Puglia (Apulia). Arches and vaulted ceilings give this gem of a property its unique character. …

Region/Town: IT – Italy, Puglia (Apulia), Salento, Nardò

Name: Il Cubo

Scenery: quiet courtyard in the historical center of a southern Italian town near the Ionian Sea

Accommodation: House, Apartment


Masseria Alchimia

The shining white Masseria set itself apart from the brown-green Apulian countryside with its fields, olive groves and fruit trees.

Region/Town: IT – Italy, Apulia, Fasano

Name: Masseria Alchimia

Scenery: between old olive plantations three kilometers inland from the Adriatic coast

Accommodation: Hotel, Apartment


Casa Vico Fiscaiolo

Casa Vico Fiscaiolo is located in a picturesque street in the historic part of the Italian town Monopoli. The apartment is a typical “Casa a Torre”: based on an small ground floor it extends over three levels. …

Region/Town: IT – Italy, Apulia, Monopoli

Name: Casa Vico Fiscaiolo

Scenery: located right in the historic center

Accommodation: House, Apartment


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