Cascine Crema

cascina-crema_001 cascina-crema_001

Nestled among the vineyards, meadows and forests of Italy’s Piemont region, Cascine Crema is a homestead of old stone houses, some of which date back 300 years. The owners – a Swiss couple who have …

Region/Town: IT - Italy, Piedmont, Cortemilia

Name: Cascine Crema

Scenery: Elevated view in hilly, wooded landscape

Accommodation: Resort


36 Berta + 36 Charly

berta-und-charly_001 berta-und-charly_001

The two holiday homes Berta and Charly form part of a small group of buildings on the Baltic island of Fehmarn. Frank and Susanne Plehn – the owners of a Hamburg architectural office – have …

Region/Town: Schleswig-Holstein, Fehmarn, Klausdorf

Name: Island houses Fehmarn: 36 Berta and 36 Charly

Scenery: Small village on a Baltic Sea island

Accommodation: House


Casa Penya Rotja

penya-rotja_005 penya-rotja_005

The Penya Rotja holiday home is located in a rural area on the eastern coast of Majorca, far from the tourist hotspots. A spacious garden with agaves and almond, citrus and olive trees surrounds the …

Region/Town: ES - Spain, Mallorca, Son Servera

Name: Casa Penya Rotja

Scenery: Between fields and plantations on a Mediterranean island

Accommodation: House


Casa delle Marche

casa-delle-marche_003 casa-delle-marche_003

Casa delle Marche is an old country house set in the hills of Le Marche on the Adriatic coast of Italy. As traditional as it may appear from the outside, step inside and you will …

Region/Town: IT - Italy, Marche, Barchi

Name: Casa delle Marche

Scenery: Hilly landscape with fields, trees and scattered settlements

Accommodation: House



architekturm_001 architekturm_001

Built in 1956 on the outskirts of Braunschweig, this former water tower hasn’t been used as such for decades. In the 90s, this listed monument was transformed into a residential building. Now, following a recent …

Region/Town: DE - Germany, Niedersachsen, Braunschweig

Name: ArchitekTurm

Scenery: on the outskirts overlooking fields and meadows

Accommodation: House


La Tannura

la-tannura_004 la-tannura_004

La Tannura is a small estate between the towns of Noto and Avolo in the hilly hinterland of the southeastern coast of Sicily. The old farmhouse dating to 1800 comprises three holiday homes: the Grande …

Region/Town: IT - Italy, Sicily, Avola

Name: La Tannura

Scenery: Between trees and fields on an island in the Mediterranean Sea

Accommodation: Apartment, House


Haus am Havelbogen

haus-am-havelbogen_001 haus-am-havelbogen_001

The “Haus am Havelbogen” lies on on the banks of the Havel River, with a view of the water and the island town of Werder. The simple and elegant architecture of the building lets the …

Region/Town: DE - Germany, Brandenburg, Werder (Havel)

Name: Haus am Havelbogen

Scenery: quiet location on the river banks

Accommodation: Apartment, House


House B

house-b_002 house-b_002

House B in the northern Provence doesn’t scream for attention, but blends in harmoniously with its surroundings. Not only was it built with traditional local materials, one half of it is also half-hidden within the …

Region/Town: FR - France, Provence, Mollans-sur-Ouvèze

Name: House B

Scenery: hillside between small villages and vineyards

Accommodation: House


Haus am Brandiser

Brandiser_011 Brandiser_011

The German architect Ernst Sommerlad, considered a pioneer of modern architecture designed many of his most famous buildings in Liechtenstein. One of these is now available as a holiday home: The House “Am Brandiser” built …

Region/Town: LI - Liechtenstein, Vaduz

Name: Haus am Brandiser

Scenery: quiet neighborhood with mountain panorama

Accommodation: House


Yard Boarding Hotel

Yard-Boarding-Hotel_001 Yard-Boarding-Hotel_001

The historic barns and farmhouses of the 700 year-old Rittergut Nordsteimke near Wolfsburg have been transformed into a boarding hotel. And the original character of the building was beautifully preserved in its conversion. Modern uses …

Region/Town: DE - Germany, Niedersachsen, Wolfsburg, Nordsteimke

Name: Yard Boarding Hotel

Scenery: village location outside Wolfsburg

Accommodation: Apartment, Hotel

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