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Casacosta & Casacosta Nextdoor

The holiday homes Casacosta and Casacosta Nextdoor are situated far from from the tourist hotspots of Tenerife in the village of El Poris on the island’s southeast coast. Casacosta is a modernist villa from the late 1970s. …

Region/Town: ES – Spain, Tenerife, El Poris

Scenery: Right at the ocean

Accommodation: House, Apartment


La Pierre aux Puces

At La Pierre aux Puces you have Lake Geneva at your doorstep. The house is located on a terraced plot on the southern shore of the lake, eight kilometers from the spa town of Evian-les-Bains. Dating back to the 1950s, …

Region/Town: FR – France, Haute-Savoie, Lugrin

Scenery: By the Geneva Lake (southern shore)

Accommodation: House



The architecture of house Birkedal is as poetic as its name. Inspired by children’s fantasy worlds, the cottage on the Danish island of Møn consists exclusively of circular spaces.

Region/Town: DK – Denmark, Moen (Møn), Råbylille Strand

Scenery: on a Baltic Sea island, 350 meter to the beach

Accommodation: House


La Pedevilla

The “Viles” – an ancient Ladin form of settlement in South Tyrol – were the inspiration for the design of the Pedevilla. The ensemble located at 1200 m altitude in a small village corresponds to the local couple-court style: two staggered, …

Region/Town: IT – Italy, South Tyrol, Enneberg/Marebbe (BZ)

Scenery: Hillside with panoramic views of mountain peaks

Accommodation: House



A strange object has landed next to an old farmhouse in the East Tyrolian village Nussdorf. Floating on stilts over the hill, this exceptional holiday house looks like a blend of a UFO and a bird. …

Region/Town: AT – Austria, Tyrol, Nussdorf-Debant

Scenery: slight slope, with an Alpine panorama

Accommodation: House


Bahnwärterhaus Droßdorf

The last train passed many years ago, and today the former signalman´s house is secluded in the quiet, hilly landscape of the Saxon Vogtland. A Dutch/ German family from the Black Forest well in love with the 150 year old house and revitalised the building. …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Saxony, Droßdorf Vogtland

Scenery: secluded location between green meadows and wooded hilltops

Accommodation: House


Zumthor Vacation Homes

Leis is a hamlet of several old wooden chalets, a white chapel and a small restaurant, located in the mountains above Vals in Graubünden. Here, at 1,500 meters, the internationally renowned architect and Pritzker Prize winner Peter Zumthor built three wooden houses: the Oberhus, …

Region/Town: CH – Switzerland, Leis ob Vals

Scenery: Graubünden

Accommodation: House


Wood h

Spectacular views included! The trip to wood h may take some time, but you’ll be rewarded at the destination. Built on a remote headland of the Scottish Isle of Skye, the holiday house is modeled after the traditional Scottish longhouses and blends with its simple architecture harmoniously into the landscape. …

Region/Town: UK – United Kingdom, Scotland, Isle of Skye, Duirnish, Lower Milovaig

Scenery: rugged coastline, with a view on the Minch and the Outer Hebrides

Accommodation: House


im Spycher

This old house dating to 1710 has already experienced some changes. More than 40 years ago the Spycher was brought from Entlebuch to Füringen, where it now sits majestically above Lake Lucerne. In 2010 the building was renovated and opened to the lakeside. As quaint as the cottage may seem from the outside, inside it features a modern interior with designer pieces by Nils Holger Moormann, Aero Saarinen and Verner Panton.

Region/Town: CH – Switzerland, Fürigen

Scenery: in a small village on Lake Lucerne

Accommodation: House


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