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Alte Brennerei

In the hinterland of Lake Constance, an old farm has been transformed into a destination for lovers of simple yet beautiful design. Katrin Ilg and her husband Alexander, an architect and carpenter, have created two individual holiday homes out of a farmstead belonging to her parents. …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Lake Constance district, Deggenhausertal

Name: Alte Brennerei

Scenery: Hilly, wooded landscape with scattered farms

Accommodation: House



The Hus9 apartment is housed in an ecologically constructed wooden lodge near the town center of Mittelberg and the ski slopes and hiking trails of the Kleinwalsertal, western Austria. The apartment is as straightforward and unpretentious as the exterior architecture of the building suggests: reduced to the essentials, …

Region/Town: AT – Austria, Vorarlberg, Kleinwalsertal, Mittelberg

Name: Hus9

Scenery: Mountain valley in the Allgäu Alps

Accommodation: Apartment


Das Sternhagener Haus

Surrounded by old fruit trees on a large estate in the Uckermark countryside, it seems almost as if this house has been forgotten in time. The 200-year-old farmhouse with a field stone base, stable and barn is one of the oldest buildings in the village of Sternhagen. …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Brandenburg, Uckermark, Sternhagen

Name: Sternhagen House

Scenery: village between forest, lakes and rural landscape

Accommodation: House


La Micheline

Stable, forge and railway station: the house La Micheline in Wallonia has experienced some changes in the past. Now, the architectural photographers Anne and Jean-Luc Laloux have converted the building and trandformed it into an architectural jewel. …

Region/Town: BE – Belgium, Wallonia, Namur, Bioul

Name: La Micheline

Scenery: Secluded in the hills of the Ardennes

Accommodation: House


Haus am Grenzgängerweg

This farmhouse dating back to 1935 is located close to the French border at the edge of a small village between the Palatinate Forest and the Northern Vosges. Both the former homestead and barn have been converted into two apartments. …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate, Südwestpfalz, Nothweiler

Name: Haus am Grenzgängerweg

Scenery: small village

Accommodation: House


Zalig Aan Zee

A blissful holiday at the seaside (Zalig Aan Zee) is the motto of the five holiday homes in Knokke-Heist, the most fashionable seaside resort on the Belgian coast. The former fishermen’s houses which are not far from the beach can accommodate 6 to 14 people. …

Region/Town: BE – Belgium, West Flanders, Knokke-Heist

Name: Zalig Aan Zee

Scenery: Seaside resort on the Belgian North Sea Coast

Accommodation: House


Holzhaus am Auerbach

Situated in the Upper Bavarian Inn Valley, this holiday home is only 4 meters wide. The architects Christine Arnhard and Markus Eck built it for themselves and on their own terms. With its solid walls of wood and clay, …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Bavaria, Upper Bavaria, Oberaudorf

Name: Holzhaus am Auerbach

Scenery: small village in the northern Alps

Accommodation: House


De Takomst IJlst

The holiday home Takomst (Frisian for future) in the Dutch town of Ijlst combines traditional Frisian architecture with modern elements and sustainable construction. The rear building, with its modest wooden facade, reflects the shape of the front brick building and is connected to it by a room fully glazed on one side. …

Region/Town: NL – Netherlands, Friesland, IJlst

Name: De Takomst IJlst

Scenery: on the outskirts of a small village surrounded by fields and waterways

Accommodation: House


Gewächshaus am Spiegelsee

Families, nature lovers, anglers or wine drinkers: they will all find a country paradise Gut Hornegg. The idyllic estate with a historic castle and a manor is located in the Styrian hills at the base of two vineyard regions. …

Region/Town: AT – Austria, Styria, Preding

Name: Altes Gewächshaus am Spiegelsee

Scenery: On a large estate, surrounded by lakes and forests

Accommodation: House, Apartment


Villa Due Pini

Surrounded by an olive grove and overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea as well as the Aurunci mountains Villa Due Pini is situated on a hill in the small town of Itri. The house is also known as “White Pumpkin” and as unusual as its name is its story of origin: The villa is based on the redesign of an unfinished reinforced concrete skeleton. …

Region/Town: IT – Italy, Lazio, Itri

Name: Villa Due Pini

Scenery: situated on a hill overlooking the mountains and the sea

Accommodation: House


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