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Fashion designer Irina Rohpeter and building engineer Nils Kistner have fulfilled their dream of building their own holiday house in the countryside. The result: the Knütthuus. They designed the house as a place to make connections. The Low German name doubles as the property’s motto: “knütten” means both knotting and knitting. The Knütthuus is a place where holidaymakers can come together. Local designers also display their products and artworks here. A striking yellow net made of ropes and an open spatial concept define the design theme. 

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Lower Saxony, Wendland, Zernien

Scenery: In a dead end street at the edge of the village, the tree-lined property borders in the back part on a small wood and fields.

Accommodation: House


Vila Mravljevi

The Vila Mravljevi, in a small village in western Slovenia, consists of two houses: a typical regional stone farmhouse and a new modern building. During the renovation of the farmhouse, which dates back to 1880, its walls were torn out to create spacious rooms. …

Region/Town: SI – Slovenia, Vipava Valley, Branik

Scenery: small village in a mountain landscape

Accommodation: House


Holzhaus am Auerbach

Situated in the Upper Bavarian Inn Valley, this holiday home is only 4 meters wide. The architects Christine Arnhard and Markus Eck built it for themselves and on their own terms. With its solid walls of wood and clay, …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Bavaria, Upper Bavaria, Oberaudorf

Scenery: small village in the northern Alps

Accommodation: House



A strange object has landed next to an old farmhouse in the East Tyrolian village Nussdorf. Floating on stilts over the hill, this exceptional holiday house looks like a blend of a UFO and a bird. …

Region/Town: AT – Austria, Tyrol, Nussdorf-Debant

Scenery: slight slope, with an Alpine panorama

Accommodation: House


Finca Paraiso

The Finca Paraiso is located in a green oasis on a sunny hillside in the south of Gran Canaria. A small cottage in Canarian style was enlarged by a contemporary, minimalist extension. Inside, the Finca now has a modern appearance with a kitchen block of high grade fair-faced concrete, …

Region/Town: ES – Spain, Gran Canaria, Barranco de Soria, Cercados de Espinos

Scenery: retreated in a mountain valley on the island

Accommodation: House


Stadl am Tunauberg

The Stadl am Tunauberg is a quiet retreat. The room concept is surprisingly open for a converted old barn: A glazed gable wall, set back into the building, blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior space. …

Region/Town: AT – Austria, South-Steiermark, Oberhaag

Scenery: on a hill in a quiet location

Accommodation: House



“Bleibe” at the foot of the Hörnle peak in Bad Kohlgrub, Upper Bavaria, is a holiday apartment in an extraordinary modern house constructed of fairfaced concrete, glass and timber, with a roof that seems to float. …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Bavaria, Bad Kohlgrub

Scenery: Alps edge, village in the Ammergau Alps

Accommodation: Apartment


The Balancing Barn

The “Balancing Barn” offers a very special living experience. From the front, it looks like a small house that fits in rather well with the other local buildings: with its barn-like shape and metal sheeting. Viewed from the side, …

Region/Town: UK – United Kingdom, Suffolk, Walberswick

Scenery: Suffolk

Accommodation: House


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