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Golf Lodge Schloss Auel

The Golf Lodge is situated in the middle of the grounds and golf course of Schloss Auel in Germany’s Bergisches Land. The new building has its own modern character, yet still integrates seamlessly into the heritage listed ensemble. …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rheinland, Lohmar

Name: Golf Lodge Schloss Auel

Scenery: Amidst meadows and forests in the Bergisches Land

Accommodation: Hotel



The Tinhouse is perched on a steep slope overlooking The Minch strait to the northwest of the Isle of Skye. The house was designed and hand built by Alan Dickson and his wife Gill Smith, founders of the architectural firm Rural Design Architects. …

Region/Town: UK – United Kingdom, Scotland, Isle of Skye

Name: Tinhouse

Scenery: remote location with views of cliffs and sea

Accommodation: House


Loi Black

Loi Black is situated in the village of Loissin between Rügen and Usedom near the Bay of Greifswald. The name refers to its black façade: This wooden house was inspired by the region’s typical black boathouses and sheds. …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Loissin

Name: Loi Black

Scenery: small village close to the Baltic Sea

Accommodation: House


Holzhaus am Auerbach

Situated in the Upper Bavarian Inn Valley, this holiday home is only 4 meters wide. The architects Christine Arnhard and Markus Eck built it for themselves and on their own terms. With its solid walls of wood and clay, …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Bavaria, Upper Bavaria, Oberaudorf

Name: Holzhaus am Auerbach

Scenery: small village in the northern Alps

Accommodation: House


Wood h

Spectacular views included! The trip to wood h may take some time, but you’ll be rewarded at the destination. Built on a remote headland of the Scottish Isle of Skye, the holiday house is modeled after the traditional Scottish longhouses and blends with its simple architecture harmoniously into the landscape. …

Region/Town: UK – United Kingdom, Scotland, Isle of Skye, Duirnish, Lower Milovaig

Name: Wood h

Scenery: rugged coastline, with a view on the Minch and the Outer Hebrides

Accommodation: House


Das schwarze Haus

The Uckermark is also known as the Tuscany of the North; forests, lakes and rolling hills as far as the eye can see. At the foot of one of these hills, there is a holiday home that could be mistaken for a barn.

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Brandenburg, Gerswalde / district Pinnow

Name: Das schwarze Haus

Scenery: Uckermark

Accommodation: House


The Long House

“The Long House”, located in Norfolk on the East coast of England, seems cross between a church and a barn. The flint walls were modelled on the traditional buildings of the region. The centerpiece of the house is a large minimalistic-style hall. …

Region/Town: UK – United Kingdom, North Norfolk

Name: The Long House

Scenery: 3 km to the sea

Accommodation: House

logis125: Giebel


For those who like to enjoy a glass of styrian wine or want to explore the hills of the south-styrian wine country, Logis125 is an ideal starting point. The house with its long, narrow shape and black facade is a modern interpretation of the traditional local architecture. …

Region/Town: AT – Austria, Steiermark/Styria, Gamlitz

Name: LOGIS125

Scenery: elevated panoramic location among vineyards

Accommodation: B&B


The Balancing Barn

The “Balancing Barn” offers a very special living experience. From the front, it looks like a small house that fits in rather well with the other local buildings: with its barn-like shape and metal sheeting. Viewed from the side, …

Region/Town: UK – United Kingdom, Suffolk, Walberswick

Name: The Balancing Barn

Scenery: Suffolk

Accommodation: House



By Råbylille beach on the island of Møn, and some 350 m from the water’s edge, stands the bright, spacious and attractively modern Black+Bright house.

Region/Town: DK – Denmark, Moen (Møn)

Name: Black&Bright

Scenery: Baltic Sea

Accommodation: House


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