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17.09.2019Newsletter: Honest and authentic

Für das große Urlaubsglück braucht man keine Luxusvilla. Die Unterkünfte, die wir heute präsentieren, sind ehrliche und authentische Häuser, die mit viel Charme, Charakter und Geschichte überzeugen!

27.08.2019Special Offer: Autumn in the Dolomites

South Tyrol is especially beautiful as summer begins to fade. It’s no longer as hot; the air is so crystal clear that you can look far off into the distance. The low sun bathes the mountains in a golden light. It’s the perfect season for a hiking holiday in the Dolomites. If you want to experience modern architecture, exquisite design, and the personal service of a family-run business – set against the backdrop of the region’s majestic mountain scenery – then look no further than the Schgaguler Hotel.

11.08.2019Anti-Wellness, wonderful: The Tannerhof

When a holiday destination stays with you long after you’ve visited, but you can’t quite pinpoint why – well, then it’s quite possible that you’ve been to visit the Tannerhof in Bayrischzell, Upper Bavaria. And it may be a sign that you should start trusting your instincts.

17.07.2019Newsletter: Behind the dunes

After taking a brief holiday, summer is well and truly back in business and the temperatures are rising. Time to get to the seaside! Do you long for a cool breeze, sand under your feet, the sound of crashing waves, and endless views to the horizon? The houses we’d like to introduce you to today are right by the sea: either just behind the dunes or on the beach!

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