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23.02.2021Holiday planning 2021 — our tips

Even though the travelling public is still holding back due to the ongoing lockdown: We advise guests to become active now — because as soon as it is possible to offer accommodation again, there will be a veritable rush for high-quality holiday homes, just like in 2020. As a result, the only response will very soon be: “Sorry, fully booked!”

21.02.2021Living in style: PURESLeben Holiday Homes

Dietmar Silly, host of the PURESLeben holiday homes, has matured over the years into a kind of supervisor in all things relating to Southern Styrian hospitality culture and architecture. In an interview he revealed how the idea for his life’s work came about, how he defines his motto “In the Luxury of Simplicity” and what his guests can expect.

17.02.2021Newsletter: Pretty provincial !

Let’s go to the provinces! Exodus from the city is the new trend. City-weary urbanites are moving to the countryside, and many people are drawn to rural areas rather than metropolises for their holidays. The coastal and Alpine regions are at the forefront of this trend. If you think these areas are too crowded, we have a few suggestions for holiday homes in regions that are worth discovering: in the hinterland of coastal areas, in the flat countryside or in the low mountain ranges.

09.02.2021Inspirations: #Splash of colour

Colours cure the winter blues! We present homes and interiors that play with colour accents. Colourful glass doors, a red carpet or a pink armchair turn heads and put everyone in a good mood.
Miramonti Boutique Hotel: Saunahaus

01.02.2021Inspirations: #Sweatboxes & Paddling Pools

Today we’re warming to saunas and hot tubs. On an unpleasant winter’s day, hot air or warm water are a very special treat. Thanks to their design and views of the surroundings, the examples presented here are also a real feast for the eyes!

29.01.2021Building for the future @Bavarian TV

A showpiece for modern and neighbourhood-orientated planning – our partner house quartier in Garmisch-Partenkirchen has just been presented in the series “Bauen für die Zukunft” (Building for the Future) by Bavarian Television.  To the feature (BR-Mediathek, German version)

25.01.2021Inspirations: #striking presence

The holiday homes in today’s newsletter are characterised by their clear external design. Straight lines, archetypal shapes and the restriction to only a few materials give them a simple elegance and striking presence.

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