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16.10.2018Newsletter: Bavaria – a blend of tradition and modernity

Traditions are as vital to Bavarian life as Dirndls are to the Oktoberfest. Bavarians nurture their customs, passing them on from generation to generation and reinterpreting them along the way. This applies not only to their traditional clothing and festivals, but also to their architecture. This month’s newsletter will prove that tradition and modernity need not be mutually exclusive – in fact they can complement and enrich each other.

14.10.2018Manshausen @DIE ZEIT

German weekly Die ZEIT will present new, exclusive destinations, e.g. our partner house Manshausen in Norway. The travel supplement is published at October 18th.

02.10.2018Parkhotel Holzner – The story of a mountain haven

The Parkhotel Holzner in Soprabolzano is a place of contrasts that complement one another consistently in every area and create convincing synergies: body and soul. Art nouveau and fair faced concrete. Wild nature and urban flair. The glow of the Alps and the Orient. Big and small. The timeless and the timeworn.

18.09.2018Newsletter: Mansions & Manor Houses

Staying in an historic manor house doesn’t just mean visiting a new destination – it’s also a little journey through time. These buildings are steeped in history, and the splendour of bygone eras lingers here in these noble mansions with their spacious parks and ornate gardens. Today, we would like to present a selection of estates, each with their own entirely unique style and atmosphere: three in Germany – in the states of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Rhineland-Palatinate, respectively – one on the island of Mallorca, and another in northern Portugal.

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