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02.07.2020Inspirations: #Cubes & Blocks

How does it feel to live in cubes and blocks? Absolutely marvellous! These holiday homes are playfully stacked, lined up or nested like building bricks, creating striking compositions with a strong external effect.

28.06.2020Sublimity, avant-garde and elegance: The Kranich Hotel

In Roman culture, the crane was considered the symbol of ‘prudentia’, the prudent action, of ‘perseverantia’, i.e. perseverance, and of ‘custodia’, the diligence of action. When talking to hostess Dr. Bettina Klein, who welcomes guests on an estate comprising a small hotel, a museum and a café near the Saaler Bodden in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, this immediately seems to be a sufficiently apt, albeit generalising description of the landlady herself. With a lot of courage, perseverance and—in view of the size of the grounds—inevitably limited means, she has over the years built up a worldly paradise in the Kranich Hotel, which one would hardly ever suspect in this rural idyll considering its outlandishness.

26.06.2020Inspirations: #Boards & Beams

In today’s newsletter you will see houses that present wood in all its facets: as a material for construction, interior fittings or furniture making. As a leading actor or as a sparring partner for glass, concrete and metal. Untreated or painted. Sometimes rustic, sometimes puristic and elegant …

19.06.2020Inspirations: #Airy lofts

Today we show you accommodations with a loft atmosphere, which with their open-plan layouts are characterised by plenty of space, light and air. Loft ambience can be found not only in old factory buildings and former workshops but also in huge barns, historic warehouses, modern wooden cubes or glass bungalows.

15.06.2020Newsletter: Let´s head to Northern Italy!

Die Grenzen zu Italien sind wieder geöffnet. Endlich können wir wieder die Region Südtirol-Trentino besuchen und das besondere Flair dieser im Norden Italiens gelegenen Provinzen spüren. Vielfältigkeit und Kontraste machen diese Region so reivoll …

12.06.2020Inspirations: #plain&simple

“Less is more” is the motto of the houses we want to show you today. You will not find anything superfluous in them. The architecture impresses with its reduced design vocabulary. Rooms with a simple design and no knickknacks radiate calm and become a stage for the essential. Thus, the view of the landscape or the beauty of materials are shown to their best advantage.

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