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30.11.2020Inspirations: #hibernation

Let’s go into hibernation! Here we have some suggestions on how you can feather your nest. In these holiday homes, you will find inviting sleeping quarters, some with enough room for the whole family. Sweet dreams…

29.11.2020Breac.House – The texture of place

In 2016 the North Atlantic winds of change blew Cathrine Burke and Niall Campbell into a small village at the far edge of Ireland, granting them a new beginning which is deeply inspired by the essence and legacy of County Donegal in all its aspects. In a breathtaking setting they have created their contemporary version of the traditional longhouse, a peaceful hideaway that nourishes the soul and tingles the senses: Breac.House.

23.11.2020Inspirations: #On fire

It crackles and spits, blazes and flickers! An open fire is the epitome of cosiness and has an almost magical appeal. We show you holiday homes with fireplaces that not only radiate pleasant warmth but are also really good-looking.

14.11.2020A stroll through the network: The UA – Christmas bazaar

Corona is not going to stop Christmas from coming, but extensive shopping tours are unlikely to be on the agenda this year. Therefore we would like to let our network go on tour and invite you to our virtual UA Christmas bazaar: This time the focus will not be on architecture, but on outstanding products that find their place in our partner houses and/or are designed and produced by our partners themselves.

09.11.2020Inspirations: #pattern mania

Colours and shapes play an important role in the accommodations we present to you today. Tiles, carpets or cushions are not unobtrusively plain but make exemplary statements. They attract attention and lend the rooms character. The colourful mix of colours ensures a cheerful mood—and also helps against dull November greyness!

02.11.2020Inspirations: #well covered

Today we dedicate ourselves to the grand finale of the house. We will present roofs which, with special materials and unusual shapes, represent the proverbial pinnacle of the building.

01.11.2020alte säge & Iselhof – About bold visions, a singing lake and the blissful lightness of being

We don’t know if German author and poet Erich Kästner has ever been to Lake Weissensee, but his statement “One is already a regular guest, or one will be” became a leitmotif for the Lienz native Angela Frey head and soul behind the label “Zimmer Frey”. She has found her way to tourism rather coincidentally and found herself right in the midst of her vocation: to conceive unique holiday hideaways that weave the healing nature, good architecture and local traditions into a harmonious triad.

26.10.2020Inspirations: #flowing transitions

Today’s newsletter is all about architecture without boundaries. We show you accommodations whose rooms merge seamlessly into one another, and houses where the boundaries between inside and outside seem to be dissolved. This creates a feeling of continuity and almost infinite vastness, and the eyes can wander freely!

19.10.2020Inspirations: #Hovering

Today we take off! We will show you houses that are disconnected from the ground along with architectural and design elements that give the impression of defying gravity. They seem to hover freely in space or in nature and invite you to enjoy the wonderful lightness of being.

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