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Learn more about the people and stories behind the URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR houses.

25.11.2018das quartier – Innovation at the foot of the Zugspitze

As visually striking as it is unexpected, the silhouette of quartier’s roofline on the southern perimeter of Garmisch-Partenkirchen will catch your eye from the moment you arrive. Inside – which we will get to shortly – a cosmos of contemporary living awaits you. And while quartier appears to suit its environment so naturally today, its presence somehow self-evident, it has its own unique back story – a story worth unpacking before we open its doors.

31.10.2018Corte Campioli – Life is a lucky bag

At the beginning of 2012 Sabine and Christian Blumrath take a one-month break from their very successful and all-determining professional life and travel “to the end of the world”, into the sheer endless expanse of Patagonia. They face astonished limitless horizons, enjoy the wild silence of starry nights and experience the essence of ancient traditions. And they come to rest, and the rest creates the space for a great, urgent question: Does our life fulfill us? Patagonia becomes the midwife of a great decision: Get out – and dare a new beginning

26.09.2018Parkhotel Holzner – The story of a mountain haven

The Parkhotel Holzner in Soprabolzano is a place of contrasts that complement one another consistently in every area and create convincing synergies: body and soul. Art nouveau and fair faced concrete. Wild nature and urban flair. The glow of the Alps and the Orient. Big and small. The timeless and the timeworn.

26.08.2018A great cinematic experience in the High Tauern mountains: Hotel Hinteregger

The Grossglockner sits enthroned in the heart of the “High Tauern“, Central Europe’s largest national park. Even if it is surrounded by more than 300 other mountains over 3000 metres, it surpasses them all in height and majesty. 30 kilometres away the ”Hinteregger Kogel“ , itself 2600 metres high, seems somewhat modest by local standards. Not only is it one of the most striking peaks above Matrei in East Tyrol, but is Hotel Hinteregger’s local mountain and namesake.

30.06.2018BUCHARCHITEKTUR – the art of building a book

By Britta Krämer, June 2018   Kathrin Schmuck is an architect and the owner of BUCHARCHITEKTUR. Since 2014 she has been designing award-winning books that cover every imaginable aspect of architecture: monumental monographs such as that for the architectural practice Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei, …

27.05.2018Villa Zoé – A gateway to other worlds

For 15 years, Daniela Keil ran her own travel agency in Mannheim, organising luxury tours throughout the world. During this time, she was literally always on the move, discovering the most beautiful places on every continent.

31.03.2018Bold evolution amidst glowing peaks

The courage to face new things and constant change seems to be in the Rainers’ blood. Since Agnes und Willi Rainer opened a little bed and breakfast in 1964, the desire for spirited, innovative further development …

25.02.2018Four times freedom – the Meisterzimmer in Leipzig

The early morning view from the giant picture windows is one of endless brick façades, rail tracks and a yard, with an expansive sky looking down over it all. Before my eyes, artists wander in and meet the cameras of the day’s first tourists. …

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