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Our blog posts in chronological order.

29.03.2020Kopfkino: #Blue!

Our newsletter today is inspired by the colour blue in all its facets. We travel in our thoughts and dream of the azure blue sea, the bright blue sky, of places with maritime flair, pools with shimmering turquoise water and the magical blue hour at dawn and dusk …

20.03.2020Daydreaming: A room with view

Even if we can’t travel at the moment, we can still dream of holiday. We can conjure up images in our minds of beautiful vistas. Perhaps we can soothe your wanderlust with these pictures of rooms with a view!

19.03.2020NEW: Availability calendar

Es gibt ein weiteres neues Feature auf unserer Website! In den Einträgen der Häuser, deren Belegungsdaten uns bekannt sind,  kann man die Belegungskalender sehen.

17.03.2020HOLIDAYARCHITECTURE in times of Corona

Within a few weeks and days, the everyday life of all of us has changed fundamentally, health is a top priority, and everything else must – without a doubt – adapt to it. Social contact and mobility have become true risk factors and our own private homes have become state-ordered retreat spaces. The current and necessary restrictions are drastic, their effects are fatal for many economic sectors.

17.03.2020Newsletter: Pooches welcome. Their owners too!

Today’s newsletter is addressed to the dog owners amongst our readers. Although dogs are not permitted in the majority of our houses, there are some where pooches are very much welcome! All of the houses presented in this issue offer an environment in which you can do a lot with your dog: on the beach, by the river, or in the mountains, activities with dogs are always a lot of fun.

18.02.2020Newsletter: Along the Elbe

Today we’re going on a journey along the Elbe. From Kehdingen in the northeast of Lower Saxony to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in Saxony. On the way, we’ll present you with a selection of holiday houses that will whet your appetite for exploring the landscapes, the cities, the culture and the history of one of the longest rivers in Central Europe.

24.01.2020NEW: Availability enquiry

Frequently requested, and it’s finally here! You can now search the HOLIDAYARCHITECTURE website by the availability period of our houses.

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