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Our blog posts in chronological order.

03.12.2019Living the dream: The community-project MeerLeben

Directly on the idyllic Baltic Sea coast, less than 1km from the beach, you will find a very special kind of village in which a group of people from all walks of life have each realised their dream of planning and building their own holiday home.

19.11.2019Newsletter: Holidays in heritage buildings

Today we would like to introduce you to a number of heritage listed monuments in which you can spend your holidays. These houses will enchant your with their charm and their character – and they also have fascinating stories to tell. Join us on a little journey through time!

30.10.2019Recharge House: Building & living with ever-present views of nature

In August 2018 the Danish Recharge House – project started, driven by the strong vision of the owners Anders Petersen and Rasmus Johnsen and the architect Søren Sarup: Building and living with the ever-present views of nature. They were assisted by a little group of skilled building professionals. The making of in pictures.

22.10.2019Newsletter: Hiking in the German Mittelgebirge

You don’t have to go to the Alps to go hiking in the mountains. Charming hiking tours are also possible in the low mountain ranges of central Germany, known as the Mittelgebirge. It is particularly beautiful there in autumn, when the leaves change colour in the wooded natural landscapes.

17.09.2019Newsletter: Honest and authentic

You don’t need a luxury villa to have a dream holiday. The holiday houses we are presenting today are honest, authentic houses with plenty of charm, character and history!

17.07.2019Newsletter: Behind the dunes

After taking a brief holiday, summer is well and truly back in business and the temperatures are rising. Time to get to the seaside! Do you long for a cool breeze, sand under your feet, the sound of crashing waves, and endless views to the horizon? The houses we’d like to introduce you to today are right by the sea: either just behind the dunes or on the beach!

18.06.2019Newsletter: Retreats for food lovers

Holiday memories are oft closely associated with food experiences. I connect Mallorca with the tapas in a harbour bar, for example, and Paris with the memory of a crème brulée in a small bistro. If you’re one of those people who like to eat well when they’re on holiday, we’ve got some ideas for you.

10.05.2019Latest Opportunities: Summer 2019

We get many requests these days from people who want to know which houses are still bookable for this summer. Most houses are fully booked for the season, but there are still some opportunities. Here is the list:

16.04.2019Newsletter: Light Shows

Finally the days are getting longer and we can look forward to bright sunny days once again after months of winter darkness. But light is not just good for the mind; it also brings architecture to life.

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