Green as far as you can see—from Haus Hube the view extends far over the hilly landscape of Eastern Styria. The holiday home, together with several outbuildings, is situated on a 45,000-square-metre plot with an orchard and flower meadow, an (organic) chokeberry field and its own forest. The modern new building makes reference to the history of the place. The house is nearly closed on the northern entrance side and opens up towards the south with many windows overlooking the valley. Just like the exterior, the interior is timeless and understated....
Das Dellacher
Haus Dellacher is considered one of the most important architectural monuments in Austria. The building is an early work of the Austrian-American architect Raimund Abraham, who achieved international renown, particularly through the construction of the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York. Raimund Abraham designed the house in the Burgenland in the 1960s for his friend, the photographer Max Dellacher. It was vacant for over 20 years until architect Johannes Handler saved it from decay in 2015 and restored it true to the original. It is open to the public not only for architectural tours, but can now also be booked for overnight stays.
Tempel 74
Temple 74 in Mellau in the Bregenz Forest is a new project by Evi and Jürgen Haller. With their renovation of Mesmer House in Bildstein, they showed how an old building can be infused with a modern interior life. The Tempel 74 apartment buildings are new, but they too skilfully combine tradition and modernity, as well as superb architecture and craftsmanship. The apartments are furnished in a minimalist style with straight-lined furniture and radiate both a down-to-earth quality and a distinct elegance. Through the windows and from the balconies you can enjoy views of the village square and the mountains.