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Region/Town: DE – Germany, Bavaria, Haidmühle, Bischofsreut

Scenery: Among woods and meadows

Accommodation: Apartment



Grass-green as the Upper Bavarian pastures and meadows are the colour accents in the apartments in the old servants’ quarters of a Chiemgau farmhouse. In addition to three apartments in the old building, there are two more apartments in an annexe. …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Bavaria, Bernau am Chiemsee

Scenery: between orchards and the outskirts, facing the Northern Alps

Accommodation: Apartment


Alpenchalet Walchensee

The apartment is located in a converted chalet of 1979 in the Upper Bavarian Alps. As it is typical for a Bavarian chalet you find the traditional wooden chairs and a pair of antlers on the wall. …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Bavaria, Walchensee (Lake Walchen)

Scenery: quiet village between forest an mountain lake

Accommodation: Apartment


Holidays in the Ickelhaus

Only a few years back the Ickelhaus used to be a dilapidated farmhouse. But following its renovation, this listed building from 1754 has become a real gem and now houses two holiday apartments. Not only outside but also inside the building radiates its historical ambience.

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Bavaria, Ickelheim

Scenery: historical town center, nature park Frankenhöhe

Accommodation: House, Apartment


Am Roseneck

A farmhouse with a lake view: the 200-year-old farm “Am Roseneck” is a heritage listed building complete with murals, vaulted ceilings, historic windows and creaking floorboards that will transport you back in time. But you won’t feel like you’re in a museum, …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Bavaria, Prien am Chiemsee

Scenery: Foothills of the Alps with views of Lake Chiemsee

Accommodation: House



The Tannerhof is an eco-hotel and health resort in the Bavarian Alps. It is surrounded by meadows, forests and mountains and looks like a idyllic little village due to its assortment of buildings. Here you won’t just find a wide range of health and wellness packages, but also various styles of accommodation.

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Bavaria, Bayrischzell

Scenery: Bavarian Prealps

Accommodation: Hotel



“Bleibe” at the foot of the Hörnle peak in Bad Kohlgrub, Upper Bavaria, is a holiday apartment in an extraordinary modern house constructed of fairfaced concrete, glass and timber. The apartment extends from the ground floor to the souterrain, …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Bavaria, Bad Kohlgrub

Scenery: Alps edge, Ammergau Alps

Accommodation: Apartment


Moormann berge

berge is anything but ordinary. That’s the beauty of it! Known for his furniture designs, Nils Holger Moormann had never planned to manage a guesthouse. The listed building fell into his hands as an addition to a plot of land he purchased. …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Bavaria, Aschau im Chiemgau

Scenery: Chiemgau, Alpes, not far from the Chiemsee

Accommodation: House, B&B, Hotel, Apartment


Hofgut Hafnerleiten

Hofgut Hafnerleiten is a remarkable retreat in the spa and golfing region of Bad Birnbach in the hilly Lower Bavarian countryside. For couples, nature lovers and fans of interesting architecture, whether for holidays or meetings in an extraordinary atmosphere – Hofgut Hafnerleiten is not your typical HOTEL. …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Bavaria, Bad Birnbach

Scenery: Hilly landscape with woods and fields, Europe's largest golf & spa region

Accommodation: House, Hotel


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