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Lower Saxony


Fashion designer Irina Rohpeter and building engineer Nils Kistner have fulfilled their dream of building their own holiday house in the countryside. The result: the Knütthuus. They designed the house as a place to make connections. The Low German name doubles as the property’s motto: “knütten” means both knotting and knitting. The Knütthuus is a place where holidaymakers can come together. Local designers also display their products and artworks here. A striking yellow net made of ropes and an open spatial concept define the design theme. 

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Lower Saxony, Wendland, Zernien

Kurzer Name (Suchergebnisse / Vorschau): Knütthuus

Scenery: In a dead end street at the edge of the village, the tree-lined property borders in the back part on a small wood and fields.

Accommodation: House



Built in 1899, this brick building on the North Sea island of Juist operated as a sea rescue station for many decades. The heritage-listed building was recently renovated and has been reborn as a holiday house combining historical flair and modern design.

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Lower Saxony, Island of Juist, Ostdorf

Kurzer Name (Suchergebnisse / Vorschau): Rettungsschuppen

Scenery: In the quiet district of Ostdorf, close to the beach and not far from the idyllic town centre.

Accommodation: House


Logierhaus M

The Logierhaus M in Esens near the East Frisian North Sea coast is a guesthouse that combines the charm of the Belle Epoque with the simplicity of Nordic design and East Frisian hospitality. In this renovated and converted Art Nouveau villa dating back to 1912, as well as an annex from the 1970s, six individual guest rooms of different sizes await you.

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Lower Saxony, East Frisia, Esens

Kurzer Name (Suchergebnisse / Vorschau): Logierhaus M

Scenery: In a quiet location but close to the city center

Accommodation: B&B


Guesthouse Browiede

Meadows, pastures and open skies – the Browiede guesthouse is located in the midst of a serene North German landscape on the outskirts of Inschede, a village on the Weser river. Half set on the river embankment, …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Lower Saxony, Blender Intschede

Kurzer Name (Suchergebnisse / Vorschau): Gästehaus Browiede

Scenery: Amidst the marsh of the Weser river

Accommodation: House



Built in 1956 on the outskirts of Braunschweig, this former water tower hasn’t been used as such for decades. In the 90s, this listed monument was transformed into a residential building. Now, following a recent renovation, …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Lower Saxony, Braunschweig

Kurzer Name (Suchergebnisse / Vorschau): ArchitekTurm

Scenery: on the outskirts overlooking fields and meadows

Accommodation: House


Seilerhaus Göttingen

The Seilerhaus is an idyllic gem on the edge of the old town of Gottingen. The listed, 100-year old half-timbered house has been renovated with great attention to detail whereby the historic building fabric has been combined with new elements. …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Lower Saxony, Gottingen

Kurzer Name (Suchergebnisse / Vorschau): Seilerhaus Göttingen

Scenery: centrally located in a city, near the old town.

Accommodation: House


Gulfhof Klein Schulenburgerpolder

Surrounded by fields, this old farmhouse lies in the vast marshes of East Friesland. The listed building, in typical local architectural style, consists of classical living quarters dating from 1841 and an even older barn (ca. …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Lower Saxony, East Frisia, Neuwesteel

Kurzer Name (Suchergebnisse / Vorschau): Schulenburgerpolder

Scenery: secluded location near the North Sea coast

Accommodation: Apartment


Guesthouse Gut Ziegelhof

Close to the Elbe, in the midst of pastures, fields and the wide open marshland, the three thatched gables of the historic estate Ziegelhof proudly reach for the North Sea sky. The Ziegelhof is one of the major historical Lower Saxony farms between the Elbe and Oste. …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Lower Saxony, Nordkehdingen, Oederquart

Kurzer Name (Suchergebnisse / Vorschau): Gästehaus Gut Ziegelhof

Scenery: Agricultural shaped marshes of the Elbe

Accommodation: House



In the neighbourhood the Heideloft is known as “The Glass House”. And for a good reason: the exterior shell of the house is made entirely of glass. Even the few closed surfaces are covered with back painted glass.

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Lower Saxony, Buchholz (Aller)

Kurzer Name (Suchergebnisse / Vorschau): HeideLoft (Heath Loft)

Scenery: on the banks of the Aller overlooking the heathland

Accommodation: House



The Heidelodge (Heath Lodge) on the Lüneburg Heath is situated a panoramic hill overlooking the winding and gently flowing Aller river. Nature is omnipresent in this small wooden house. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer a beautiful view of the vast, …

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Lower Saxony, Lüneburger Heide, Buchholz (Aller)

Kurzer Name (Suchergebnisse / Vorschau): HeideLodge

Scenery: on the banks of the Aller overlooking the heathland

Accommodation: House


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