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FR – France

Villa Vagabonde

Villa Vagabonde is an old farmhouse from the 19th century located in the heart of Luberon, near the beautiful hilltop village of Gordes. The 3 room B&B offers guests quality accommodation with an informal, relaxed atmosphere. …

Region/Town: FR – France, Provence, Luberon, Gordes

Name: Villa Vagabonde

Scenery: hilly landscape in the natural park Luberon

Accommodation: B&B


Au Perier

Au Perier, situated in the Dordogne in southwest France, is like a tiny, relaxed village: four houses, a central square, a pool, an open barn (“Salle de Fete”) and a vegetable garden. In 2011 the owners Annemieke den Uijl and Nick White bought the property along with the old house dating to 1794 and converted the three outbuildings into holiday homes. …

Region/Town: FR – France, Aquitaine, Dordogne, Sainte Sabine Born

Name: Au Perier

Scenery: located between fields in the open countryside

Accommodation: House


Villa des Dunes

Facing the sea and just 5 minutes walk from the harbor, the Villa des Dunes is located in the small Breton fishing village of Lesconil. From outside, the slate covered house in typical Breton architectural style seems rather small, …

Region/Town: FR – France, Brittany, Lesconil

Name: Villa des Dunes

Scenery: next to the sea, in a small fishing village

Accommodation: House


Maison Jalon

This small B&B in the green surroundings of Aix en Provence mixes modern architecture with a retro-inspired interior design. Vintage furniture and travel souvenirs bring warmth and individuality to the the rooms, which feature exposed concrete walls and panoramic windows. …

Region/Town: FR – France, Provence, Aix-en-Provence, Puyricard

Name: Maison Jalon

Scenery: Between fields on the outskirts of Aix-en-Provence

Accommodation: House, B&B


Le Moulin & Le Four

In the Perigot Vert – the green, wooded north of the Dordogne – the designer Piet Hein Eek has rebuilt a dilapidated old water mill and supplemented it with a second house. Similar to his approach of creating furniture with recycled materials, …

Region/Town: FR – France, Aquitaine, Dordogne, Chalais, Mavaleix

Name: Le Moulin & Le Four

Scenery: secluded in a clearing in the forest

Accommodation: House


Chalet Concept

Built of stones dating to the 16th century, chalet Concept is the oldest house in the village of Rochebin in the Pays de la Loire. The current owners found the house in a state of disrepair, …

Region/Town: FR – France, Pays de la Loire, Département Vendée, La Gaubretière

Name: Chalet Concept

Scenery: small hamlet in a quiet, rural surrounding

Accommodation: House


La vie a la campagne

In the holiday home “La vie a la campagne” you can enjoy French country life in the hills of the Lot-et-Garonne. The renovated and refurbished house has been lovingly decorated in a mix of shabby chic and industrial style. …

Region/Town: FR – France, Aquitaine, Lot-et-Garonne, St. Etienne de Villereal

Name: La vie a la campagne

Scenery: rural landscape with small villages, fields and forest

Accommodation: House


Blickpunkt Paris

With lovely views over the rooftops of Paris, this attic apartment for four people is located on the sixth floor of a listed apartment block on one of Hausmann’s boulevards. The old attic, which originally served as the servants’ quarters, has been converted into a modern, 70 square meter apartment. The floor-to-ceiling picture windows which mirror the structure of the old galvanized-iron roof, flood the apartment with light and give a view over the rooftops of Paris, onto the boulevard and the park opposite.

Region/Town: FR – France, Île-de-France, Paris

Name: 127 Bd. de Sébastopol

Scenery: Heart of Paris over the rooftops of the city

Accommodation: Apartment



The Department Lot et Garonne in the southwest of France is a rural area with old villages and small farms scattered throughout the hills. Bassivière, situated near the medieval village of Villeréal, is an estate with a traditional farmhouse and several 17th century outbuildings. …

Region/Town: FR – France, Aquitaine, Lot-et-Garonne, St. Etienne de Villereal

Name: Bassiviere

Scenery: slightly secluded, surrounded by small patches of forest and fields

Accommodation: Apartment


Villa Daesch

In a small hamlet near Gordes – one of the most beautiful mountain villages in France – Villa Daesch lies hidden behind a high wall. The silk factory dating to 1629 consists of several buildings and an intimate courtyard. …

Region/Town: FR – France, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Vaucluse, Gordes

Name: Villa Daesch

Scenery: between hill ranges and vineyards

Accommodation: House, Apartment


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