Inspiration: House by the lake / river


La Pierre aux Puces

At La Pierre aux Puces you have Lake Geneva at your doorstep. The house is located on a terraced plot on the southern shore of the lake, eight kilometers from the spa town of Evian-les-Bains. Dating back to the 1950s, …

Region/Town: FR - France, Haute-Savoie, Lugrin

Name: La Pierre aux Puces

Scenery: By the Geneva Lake (southern shore)

Accommodation: House


Bauhaus an der Havel

The Bauhaus an der Havel is a holiday apartment in a classical modernist building located directly on the riverbank and overlooking the island town of Werder. Architect Peter Bartning, brother of Otto Bartning who co-developed the Bauhaus concept, …

Region/Town: DE - Germany, Brandenburg, Werder

Name: Bauhaus an der Havel

Scenery: Directly on the riverbank of the Havel

Accommodation: Apartment


Das Refugium

“Das Refugium” is a 300 sqm villa on Lake Neusiedl in Austria. Linear architecture, quality materials and simple, minimalist furniture are the defining features of this house. On the ground floor there are two living rooms, …

Region/Town: AT - Austria, Burgenland, Neusiedl am See

Name: Das Refugium

Scenery: quiet lakeside location with direct access to water.

Accommodation: House


Brückenvilla Bleibe

The Eifel Town Monschau has a picturesque medieval center with half-timbered buildings and slate-clad houses, winding streets and the meandering river Rur. The Brückenvilla (Bridge Villa) is centrally located in the Old Town, yet separated due to its position across the river, …

Region/Town: DE - Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Monschau

Name: Brückenvilla Bleibe

Scenery: Old Town of a small Eifel village, right on the river

Accommodation: House


Schleidomizil Schleibrücke

In an open location opposite the city center of Kappeln, a residence with 11 apartments has been built on the Schleibrücke, the city’s former beachhead. The building dominates the extraordinary landscape, and its shape and choice of materials correspond directly to the natural surroundings. …

Region/Town: DE - Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, Kappeln an der Schlei

Name: Schleidomizil Schleibrücke

Scenery: Situated on the riverfront, overlooking the harbor

Accommodation: Apartment


Gut Fergitz am See

At Gut Fergitz in the Uckermark, just an hour’s drive from the metropolis of Berlin, you will find wide open skies, clear waters, beautiful nature – and modern architecture. On the shores of the lake “Oberuckersee”, …

Region/Town: DE - Germany, Brandenburg, Uckermark, Gerswalde, Fergitz

Name: Gut Fergitz am See

Scenery: small hills and lakes. UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Accommodation: Apartment


Fischerhaus an der Schlei

The historic fisherman’s house is situated in a secluded courtyard very close to the harbor and the old town of Kappeln. The house has been lovingly restored by the renowned architectural firm “Sunder-Plassmann Architekten”. Modern details such as glass-enclosed dormers have been added. …

Region/Town: DE - Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, Kappeln

Name: Fischerhaus an der Schlei

Scenery: Right on the harbor of an old fisherman's village

Accommodation: House


Le Moulin & Le Four

In the Perigot Vert – the green, wooded north of the Dordogne – the designer Piet Hein Eek has rebuilt a dilapidated old water mill and supplemented it with a second house. Similar to his approach of creating furniture with recycled materials, …

Region/Town: FR - France, Aquitaine, Dordogne, Chalais, Mavaleix

Name: Le Moulin & Le Four

Scenery: secluded in a clearing in the forest

Accommodation: House


Holzhaus am Auerbach

Situated in the Upper Bavarian Inn Valley, this holiday home is only 4 meters wide. The architects Christine Arnhard and Markus Eck built it for themselves and on their own terms. With its solid walls of wood and clay, …

Region/Town: DE - Germany, Bavaria, Upper Bavaria, Oberaudorf

Name: Holzhaus am Auerbach

Scenery: small village in the northern Alps

Accommodation: House


SEE 31 – Holiday Lofts at lake Traunsee

Above a lake near the village of Traunkirchen, in the Austrian Salzkammergut region, you will find two cubes of wood and glass neatly nestled into the hillside. One of the houses is a 150 sq m holiday home for 4 to 8 people, …

Region/Town: AT - Austria, Upper Austria, Salzkammergut, Traunkirchen

Name: SEE 31 - Holiday Lofts at lake Traunsee

Scenery: right on the lake with views of the surrounding mountain peaks

Accommodation: House, Apartment

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