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25.07.2017 | HomeStory: New life for an old church

By Ulrich Stefan Knoll

Anke Nuxoll-Oster is a DIY enthusiast. She stumbled on her first house by chance, before devoting herself passionately to rescuing old buildings and letting them to guests.
By the end of the year, …

30.06.2017 | HomeStory: Sisters Homes – Twin-sisterly empathy for style

By Britta Krämer

A painter grandmother. Studio life. A crazy childhood in a free-thinking family of artists. Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik played with four hands. That was then. Now, two Croatian sisters purchase old houses in two sleepy island villages, …

23.05.2017 | HomeStory: De Rheezer Kamer – Much more than just a B&B!

Von Anke Steinweg

Unique buildings appeal to unique people. The life stories and professions of the people who own those buildings are just as varied as the Holiday Architecture buildings themselves. Many owners are not hotel-sector professionals, …

22.04.2017 | HomeStory: Casa Modesta – Ode to Joaquim

by Britta Kraemer
Portugal has seven wonders. The Ria Formosa Nature Park on the Algarve is one of them and is as beautifully formed as the name suggests. It is an impressive landscape, which is shaped by its many lagoons and by the great diversity of its flora and fauna. …

20.02.2017 | HomeStory: The Niedermairhof – A journey through time

Preface by Britta Kraemer, text by Helmuth Mayr
An old farmhouse in the Puster Valley in South Tyrol stands gracefully at the heart of a peaceful village, wearing its ultra-modern extension with dignified confidence. After a hiatus of fifteen years and a costly but careful conversion, …

21.12.2016 | HomeStory: The Bakers’ House of the Sonnenburg Castle

by Britta Kraemer
Hotel Schloss Sonnenburg sits enthroned on the Sonnenburg hill above tranquil St Lorenzo in the Puster Valley in Northern Italy, keeping reverent and careful watch over the traces of its four-thousand-year-old cultural heritage: prehistoric settlement, …

21.09.2016 | HomeStory: Sao Pedro’s Aquiles Eco Hotel

by Claudia Castellano
Set in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and halfway between Africa and Brazil, lies an arrow-shaped archipelago named Cape Verde: 11 islands, completely uninhabited until 1456, when a group of Portuguese mariners hit upon them in the course of their travels. …

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