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alte Säge (old sawmill)

alte-saege_a001 alte-saege_a001

An old sawmill on the Austrian Weissensee has been extensively renovated and is now home to four high-quality apartments. You still find a lot of wood here, which is no longer used as a raw …

Region/Town: AT - Austria, Carinthia, Weissensee, Neusach

Name: alte Säge Ferienwohnungen

Scenery: in the Alps, 50 meters from the shores of lake Weissensee

Accommodation: Apartment


Hofgut Hafnerleiten

hofgut-hafnerleiten_m011 hofgut-hafnerleiten_m011

The boutique hotel and luxury hideaway Hofgut Hafnerleiten, in the spa and golf region of Bad Birnbach in Lower Bavaria, is a romantic idyll for couples and nature-lovers. The accommodation takes its shape in unique …

Region/Town: DE - Germany, Bavaria, Bad Birnbach

Name: Hofgut Hafnerleiten

Scenery: Hilly landscape with woods and fields, Europe's largest golf & spa region

Accommodation: Hotel, House


Ferienhaus Lichtung

ferienhaus-lichtung_a001 ferienhaus-lichtung_a001

A whispering forest, chirping birds and babbling brooks included: The holiday park Lichtung (clearing) is a natural 70,000 square meter site in the Thuringian Forest. On large plots of land the cottages are spread between …

Region/Town: DE - Germany, Thuringia, Ruhla

Name: Ferienhaus Lichtung

Scenery: Secluded clearing in the heart of the Thuringian Forest

Accommodation: House, Resort


Borgo Tranquillo

borgo-tranquillo_n001 borgo-tranquillo_n001

Le Marche in central Italy is not as well known as nearby Tuscany, but is a hot tip for travelers in Italy. In this region, the British designer Frank Andrew turned a group of dilapidated …

Region/Town: IT - Italy, Marche, Arcevia

Name: Borgo Tranquillo

Scenery: Marche

Accommodation: Apartment, House, Resort



logis125_a001 logis125_a001

For those who like to enjoy a glass of styrian wine or want to explore the hills of the south-styrian wine country, Logis125 is an ideal starting point. The house with its long, narrow shape …

Region/Town: AT - Austria, Steiermark/Styria, Gamlitz

Name: LOGIS125

Scenery: elevated panoramic location among vineyards

Accommodation: B&B



Haidl-Madl-Ferienwohnen_009 Haidl-Madl-Ferienwohnen_009

Ingrid Haidl-Madl has fulfilled her dream of living and working in one place by rebuilding her parents’ house . The 300-year-old building houses not only the family’s apartment, but also a small interior shop and …

Region/Town: DE - Germany, Bavaria, Haidmühle, Bischofsreut

Name: Haidl-Madl-Ferienwohnen

Scenery: Among woods and meadows in the hills of the Bavarian Forest

Accommodation: Apartment



bleibe | Bödefeld bleibe | Bödefeld

The “Sauerlandbleibe” in the half-timbered village of Bödefeld proves that a group house can be stylish. The 200 year old farm house with room for up to 26 people is suitable as holiday accommodation or …

Region/Town: DE - Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Sauerland, Schmallenberg, Bödefeld

Name: Sauerlandbleibe

Scenery: densely forested mountain range

Accommodation: House



Mesmerhaus_012 Mesmerhaus_012

The Mesmerhaus is part of the historic ensemble of houses grouped around the Baroque era pilgrimage church in the village of Bildstein. In an extensive renovation, the owner Evi Haller revitalized the 150-year old house …

Region/Town: AT - Austria, Vorarlberg, Bildstein

Name: Mesmerhaus

Scenery: Scattered settlement on a plateau overlooking Lake Constance

Accommodation: Apartment


House Sonnensteg

sonnensteg23_b002 sonnensteg23_b002

The Baltic Sea beach is a short walk away and the magnificent William Street that leads directly to the famous pier of Sellin is not far from Sonnensteg 23 either. The newly built house features …

Region/Town: DE - Germany, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Rügen, Sellin

Name: Ferienhaus Sonnensteg

Scenery: Traditional seaside resort with pier

Accommodation: Apartment, House



Meisterzimmer_002 Meisterzimmer_002

The old cotton mill in Leipzig is a melting pot for creative professionals. Numerous studios, galleries and workshops have taken over this large factory site, located four kilometers away from the city centre. There is …

Region/Town: DE - Germany, Saxony, Leipzig

Name: Meisterzimmer

Scenery: former factory site in an urban environment

Accommodation: Apartment

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