A cypress-lined road leads to the Ferranesi estate, which is located in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, Crete Senesi, southeast of Siena. The 19th century farm was abandoned and in ruin for decades until it was rebuilt in 2002-2003. The guesthouse features five different sized apartments – from 30 to 300 square meters. The rooms are characterized by a contrast between white plaster walls, old timber beam ceilings and a timeless modern decor. Each apartment offers enchanting views of the wide landscape and features its own terrace (with the exception of the smallest apartment). In the garden, there are secluded spots with beautiful views, as well as a pool to cool down in on hot summer days.

What to do

Food & wine (wine tasting, cooking lessons), outdoor activities (cycling, hiking, horseback riding, ballooning, Vespa or motorbike tours), yoga and wellness, Mille Miglia (the annual classic car race in May passes by near the estate), classical music (various summer festivals nearby), photography courses.

Why we like this house

The unobtrusive design of the apartments mirrors the calm and vast splendour of the surrounding landscape.

This house is great for

The house can be rented exclusively and therefore is also suitable for family meetings, weddings or business meetings.

Details of the property

Region/Town: IT – Italy, Tuscany, Asciano

Name: Ferranesi

Scenery: In the "Crete Senesi" countryside amidst rolling hills and cypress trees

Accommodation: House, Apartment

Number of guests: 5 apartments for 2 - people

Architecture: Old & new

Completed: 2016

Design: conix rdbm architects, Antwerp

Special Features: On request, the estate offers various services (hotel services, catering, pizza nights, babysitting etc.)


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