Finca Extremadura

This holiday home is set in an isolated and secluded spot in the hills of the Cáceres region of western Spain. The old barn which stood here was once intended to be converted into a family home, but proved to be too run down. The new building resembles its predecessor: it has the same dimensions and consists partly of the old stones. New additions include large window fronts, which can be closed with wooden sliding doors on the outside. In the former hayloft there are now sleeping rooms. On the ground floor metal pillars have replaced the supporting walls, creating a spacious open living area with a long dining table that connects to a kitchen island, and a lounge area complete with a large fireplace. On the slope side there is a courtyard with a stone water fountain. The water coming from the mountains flows under the house and is collected in the swimming pool on the other side of the house. The water is not only used as the water supply, but also plays an important role in the home’s energy supply, supplementing its solar energy. Due to the southern orientation and the large window areas, the house heats up only by the sun in winter. In the summer, the courtyard with the water pool will keep you cool.

What to do

Hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, excursions to the world cultural sites of Cáceres, Merida, and Gualdelupe

Why we like this house

In this house you don’t live simply surrounded by nature, but with nature. The sound of the water, the light and shadow of the sun, the feel of the different materials (stones, wood, concrete and iron) are a feast for the senses.

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