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The GetAway Deluxe houses in the Netherlands prove that living in a small space does not mean sacrificing comfort. Cabin 01 is located near the historic town of Deventer on the edge of a large private forest. Covering just 42 square metres, this cottage offers a comfortable home for up to four people, complete with a fully equipped kitchen, fireplace, extra wide beds, and a bathroom with a rain shower. One of the bedrooms is accessed via a ladder. This “Bird’s Nest“ space is surrounded by windows on three sides and has a skylight through which you can watch the stars at night.

Cabin 03 is situated in an idyllic location on a small island in a lake in Rotterdam and can only be reached by boat. Its 40 square meters offer space for up to four people. The living area with its kitchen and dining space, as well as the two bedrooms, open out onto the terrace via large doors. Equipped with a wood-burning stove, dining table and lounge sofas, this space turns into a second living room outside. And with its 100 square metres it extends the living area considerably!

Note: Another cabin for five people (Cabin 02) is located near the town of Zwolle.


What to do

Hiking, cycling, visiting historic towns, restaurants, boat trips.

Why we like this house

These small houses offers a surprising amount of luxury.

This house is great for

A romantic getaway for two, but also suitable for families (for Cabin 03, children should be able to swim or must wear life jackets).

Details of the property

Region/Town: NL – Netherlands, Overijssel, Lettele (Cabin 01), Rotterdam (Cabin 03)

Name: Hemelzicht

Scenery: Countryside with pastures and forests (Cabin 01), idyllic lake near the city (Cabin 03)

Accommodation: House

Number of guests: up to 4 people per house

Architecture: Modern

Completed: 2016 (Cabin 01), 2018 (Cabin 03)

Design: Arno Schuurs & Paulien van Noort, Qoncepts, Diepenvee

Published: Zuhause Wohnen 11/2018, Financieele Dagblad Persoonlijk


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