House M

„Haus M“ (house M) on the outskirts of the seaside resort Rerik consists of two halves with opposing roofs. Thus each half is defined as independent while creating one unit by the uniform façade and symmetrical structure. Each half of the house accommodates one apartment. Their centre is the 6-meter-high open living room with a kitchen and dining area. The rear side rooms (the bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor and a second bedroom upstairs) are designed as retreats. The chambers with small windows form a contrast to the open living room with its large window fronts.

What to do

The natural sandy beach with its steep coast is within a few minutes’ walking distance. A little further away, about 15 minutes walk, you’ll find the sandy beach of Rerik. The town center with numerous shops and restaurants is also within walking distance. You can reach Kuehlungsborn and Heiligendamm via beautiful cycling routes on the cliffs. Trips to Rostock and Wismar.

Why we like this house

The house beautifully optimizes its small plot size and offers privacy and tranquility through the differing orientation of the apartments.

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