Hotel Panorama

Guests who know the hotel Panorama in the wine village Kaltern (Caldero) from previous visits, will be amazed. In the same place there is a different house. Only at a second glance it becomes apparent that the old building is still there: Renovated and expanded, the traditional hotel has a new silhouette. Wooden terrace balustrades, saddle-shaped canopies and a shading system made of larch wood frames give the home a modern feel. An organic exterior plaster in the form of abstracted vines was specifically developed for the hotel.

The rooms and suites are equipped with high-quality, local materials and offer panoramic views of Lake Caldaro. If you look closely, you can discover traces of the past, as old and new were intertwined during the renovation: old walls and murals were uncovered, the wood of the old truss was used for the construction of the new sauna, in the wine lounge you will find the typical coffered ceiling and in the buffet area the old wrought iron features.

Details of the property

Region/Town: IT – Italy, South Tyrol, Kaltern

Name: Hotel Panorama

Scenery: Between vineyards above the center of Caldaro

Accommodation: Hotel

Number of guests: Rooms for 1-2 persons, suites for up to 5 guests

Architecture: Old & new, Modern

Completed: 2013

Design: Lukas Rungger, Noa.Studio

Awards: International LEAF award (nomination), Sleep - European hotel design award (nomination)


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