Loft2A is situated in the historic centre of the Apulian town of Nardò, in a quiet street close to the central Piazza Salandra, considered one of the most beautiful squares in southern Italy. The apartment complements the historical fabric of the building with modern, partly eccentric design, and evinces architect Martin Stubenrauch love of straight lines and open spaces. Cross vaults and a fireplace dating to the 16th century meet a steel staircase and a steel nest hanging from the ceiling.
The centrepiece is the open living room with a dining area and modern, spacious kitchen with a counter. In the sitting area, the room opens up over two storeys to just below the ceiling. A steel staircase leads up to the sleeping gallery with a bathroom. From here you reach a nest-like steel sculpture hanging from the ceiling – an extraordinary place to just relax and read. The master bedroom – which also features a bathroom – is located three steps below the dining area. And just like the dining area, it provides access to the large terrace, also given a modern touch with steel elements.

What to do

The shoreline with beautiful beaches, grottos and bays, villages by the sea, the historic old town of Nardò with old churches, palaces and the Aquaviva castle, archaeological sites, hiking in the nature reserve Porto Selvaggio (5 km).

Why we like this house

An exceptional apartment in historic Nardò, combining tradition and modernity. 

This house is great for

Couples and families with older children (the loft is not suitable for children under 12).

Details of the property

Region/Town: IT – Italy, Apulia, Nardò

Name: LOFT2A

Scenery: In the old centre

Accommodation: Apartment

Number of guests: Max. 4

Architecture: Old & new

Completed: 2018

Design: Martin Stubenrauch

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