Naturresidence Dahoam

Two things immediately catch your eye when you arrive at the Naturresidence Dahoam: the remarkable view into the Merano valley and the modern architecture of the house. The house sits in a beautiful hillside position above the village of Schenna and faces South West. This not only drenches the generously-proportioned balconies in sunlight, it’s also an vital element of the energy and ecology concept pursued by the developer and architect during its construction. As well as the active and passive use of solar energy and the use of regional timbers, rainwater is also collected and used here.
For holiday guests, there are four different apartments to choose from, all accommodating up to 6 people. All the apartments have modern equipment and fittings, and large windows that give an unimpeded view of the surrounding peaks, and offer access to the garden with its near-natural swimming pool. And if, during your holiday, you should become curious to know more about the architecture or design of Naturresidence Dahoam – no problem, the host family are on hand, right under the same roof, to answer your questions.

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