Romy & Miro

Romy and Miro close to the German Baltic Sea coast are two holiday homes that are truly full of character: they’re simple but have that certain something. With small surface areas, but a generous sense of space. Their location between Hamburg and Berlin makes them perfect for urbanites weary of the city and who long for the countryside and the sea.
Haus Romy is situated in the small village of Madsow in the hilly hinterland of the Baltic Sea coast, about 15 km east of Wismar. With its cubic shape and flat saddle roof, this wooden house draws on the shape of the local barns. Closed to the village side, the house features a large window front that opens out to the garden side with a veranda. The living room with a seating area by the fireplace and open-plan kitchen opens up to the roof and to a gallery with a reading/playing area and study corner. The two bedrooms resemble cabins which you can retreat to and either relax or sleep. Otherwise, life takes place in the living room. And wen the weather is nice on the veranda or in the spacious, elongated garden with its many fruit trees and views of the open countryside.
Haus Miro in the Baltic seaside resort Rerik consists of two house halves, the roofs of which run in opposite directions. The two halves of the house define themselves as independent, but the uniform facade design and symmetrical structure combine to create a unified impression. Each half of the house accommodates a 55m2 holiday apartment. The central room is the living room with kitchen and dining area following the shape of the building. The adjoining rooms to the rear (a bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor, and a further sleeping place on the upper floor) are cosy rooms with small windows. They form a contrast to the open living room with its generous window fronts and views into the small garden. The house is situated in a quiet field on the outskirts of the village and only a few minutes away from the sandy beaches of the coast.

What to do

Schwimmen und Spazieren an der Ostsee, Wassersport auf dem Salzhaff, Bathing and water sports at the beaches and in the Salzhaff, a pony farm in Madsow, horse riding, excursions by bike, visiting the surrounding seaside resorts and towns (Kühlungsborn, Heiligendamm, Wismar, Rostock).

Why we like this house

These houses are simple but special all at once. Their unpretentious, laid-back ambience make for a very relaxing getaway destination.

This house is great for

Travelling alone, couples, or with the family. If Haus Romy’s two halves are booked together, it is perfect for a holiday with two families. House Miro is located directly next to a pony farm and is great for horse-loving families.

Details of the property

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Madsow (Romy) and Baltic seaside resort Rerik (Miro)

Name: Romy & Miro

Scenery: Romy: In a rural environment, with a large garden; Miro: Very close to the Baltic Sea, with a small garden;

Accommodation: House

Number of guests: Max. 6 (Romy); Max. 4 per house halve (Miro)

Architecture: Modern

Completed: 2019 (Romy); 2011 (Miro);

Design: Sebastian Kablau, Berlin


beat zaugg said:

schöne häuser – und überhaupt eine grossartige website, also die von urlaubsachitektur. hut ab!

die bezeichnung “an der deutschen ostseeküste” finde ich für die beiden häuser ein wenig euphemistisch. ich doch ein stückchen davon entfernt..

beste grüsse
beat zaugg

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