Solo Pezo

In the Matarraña region, two hours south of Barcelona, French developer Christian Bourdais has initiated the Solo Houses project. On the grounds of an extensive nature reserve, international architects have been given the chance to design experimental holiday homes with no constraints bar the budget. The first house to be realized was Casa Pezo, designed by the Chilean studio Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects: a symmetrical concrete sculpture that hovers two floors above the ground, supported by a single robust column. A spiral staircase inside the windowless base leads to the overhanging main floor, which features a white tiled patio with a pool at its centre. The living rooms are arranged symmetrically around the patio and can be transformed into terraces by opening their exterior glass walls. The minimalist furnishings enhance the transparent, airy ambience. Nothing distracts from the spectacular panoramic views of the mountain and forests.

Why we like this house

Experimental architecture in a nature reserve: the house dominates the landscape but the natural world will be the focus of your attention.

Details of the property

Region/Town: ES – Spain, Teruel Province, Cretas, Aragon

Name: Solo Pezo

Scenery: secluded on a wooded mountainside

Accommodation: House

Number of guests: 2 to 8 persons

Architecture: Modern

Completed: 2012

Design: Pezo Von Ellrichshausen Architects, Concepcion

Published: several

Special Features: Minimum stay: 3 days

Buchungsanfrage / Booking Request

Anfragen bitte auf Englisch oder Französisch. / Please write in English or French only.


John Schafer said:

I would love to stay at this house for a week. I am continuously inspired by this house and see many variations in my head.

Houk van Lake said:

Pritzker material

Hedwig Van Schie said:

“Pezo Solo: a miracle how the house is placed in a gorgeous landscape. It’s not for shopping lovers and disco dwellers. It’s for people who are into architecture and nature. An amazing house: raw, robust, but comfortable. Secluded but not lonely. Wonderful views on all sides. We spent an unforgettable week in September ’15. HVS”

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