Since our readers keep contacting us with booking requests and questions about available accommodations, we would like to briefly explain how our portal works.

First things first: HOLIDAYARCHITECTURE is not a booking platform. You always book directly with the landlord!

HOLIDAYARCHITECTURE brings owners of holiday homes and guests together. Our website acts as a gallery where we put beautiful, exciting and exemplary accommodations in a showcase for you.

How you find your holiday home with HOLIDAYARCHITECTURE

On our portal, we present more than 500 properties. With the help of the search function you can specifically browse for accommodations that are of interest to you. You can narrow down the number of listed houses by specifying the number of people, the region and many other criteria (e.g. pool, pets). For some months now, there has also been an availability enquiry. You can thus search for holiday homes that are available at a certain time period. All houses for which we have the occupancy data are considered here.

The respective entries for the holiday domiciles include a description of the property as well as a link to the homepage of the house. Following this link, you will obtain further information on the holiday accommodation (e.g. prices) and the booking process. Some houses also have a direct link to their booking page. If the holiday home does not have a website, there is an inquiry form, which you can use to contact the landlord directly.

Please also take a look at our Facebook page or visit us on Instagram. Here we also keep you informed about short-term vacancies or special offers.




Sarah Cartell said:

The properties are beautifully showcased and a delight to see !! If visited in person a dream come true….

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