Croft 103

Peaceful surroundings and stunning natural scenery – you will find them both here in the Scottish Highlands on the north-western tip of the British Isles. The area around the village of Durness is one of the most sparsely populated regions in Europe. And this is where you’ll find the Croft 103 cottages: two holiday houses situated amidst a beautiful, rugged landscape.

The houses are set several hundred metres apart and thus provide absolute privacy. Their back walls are nestled into the slope side, and they open out with large window fronts to Loch Eriboll. With its concave exterior wall, the Hill Cottage references the contours of the surrounding landscape. You will also recognise a similar curvature in the arched roof of the Shore Cottage.

The interiors are arranged in a flowing continuum, merging into each other and offering spectacular views of the water and mountains from each space: from the extraordinary leather and steel bed, from the living area by the fireplace, from the dining table, and even from the bathtub. If you like, you can also take a bath in the open air, as there’s a second bathtub on a protected patio.

Sustainability played an essential role in the construction of these cottages. They were built using traditional techniques with local wood and stone collected from the local site itself. They are insulated with sheep’s wool and wood-fibre sheathing; wind and solar energy provide electricity and heating.

What to do

Relaxing, walking, visiting the Smoo Cave, beach visits, water sports (surfing and diving), golf, fishing, photography (a guide can be booked on request visit spots with the best scenery and vistas).

Why we like this house

Houses in glorious natural surroundings that combine comfort and sustainability as well as traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

This house is great for

A breathtaking hideaway for nature-loving couples.

Details of the property

Region/Town: UK – United Kingdom, Scotland, Durness

Name: Croft 103

Scenery: On the shores of Loch Eriboll in North West Sutherland

Accommodation: House

Number of guests: Max. 2 in each cottage

Architecture: Modern

Completed: 2010

Design: Matt Stevenson and Fiona Mackay (interior design)


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