Gasthof zum Riesen

Gasthof zum Riesen is a house full of history. Since the 14th century, this former pilgrims’ hostel has stood in the centre of Tarsch, a village in the Vintschgau region of South Tyrol. Over the course of the past centuries, the stone house has been rebuilt and extended several times. A few years ago it was extensively renovated with great attention to detail – and where necessary supplemented with modern additions.

The concrete balconies on the east façade were replaced by wooden balconies. The larch slats placed in front of them make them visually disappear and the façade is reminiscent of the barn, which once stood on the same spot. The wall and ceiling paintings, wallpaper and old floorboards were carefully restored, and the tiled stoves were repaired. Modern wooden furniture designed by the architect complements the restored old furniture. The nine guest rooms have been individually designed and include modern bathrooms. On the top floor there is a sauna with an airy relaxation room on the loggia and a view of Annaberg Castle. There is also a traditional parlour where breakfast is served and the lounge, which serves both as a living room but can also be used as an event room.

The restaurant Tarscher Wirt is also part of the inn – it not only offers delicious dining, but also hosts cultural events from time to time.

What to do

Hiking, skiing, visiting castles and palaces, churches and chapels.

Why we like this house

A house that seems lost in time and yet completely up to date. Holidays with a flair for the past and the present.

This house is great for

Those seeking relaxation & nature will feel right at home here.

Details of the property

Region/Town: IT – Italy, South Tyrol, Tarsch

Name: Gasthof zum Riesen

Scenery: In the centre of a the village

Accommodation: Hotel

Number of guests: 8 Zimmer à 2 guests

Architecture: Old & new, Historical

Completed: 2016

Design: Architekturbüro Dell'Agnolo Kelderer, Bozen

Awards: Special award "Der historische Gastbetrieb des Jahres in Südtirol" 2019


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