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Haus in Matzwitz

You could almost mistake the house in the village of Matzwitz, situated in the hinterland of Hohwachter Bucht (Hohwacht Bay), for a barn – if it weren’t for the oversized window that gives it an extravagant touch! With its tin roof and large sliding doors, the unpretentious wooden building blends into the rural surroundings, while at the same time making a self-confident statement with the panoramic window in the west gable. During the day, the landscape is reflected in the window surfaces; when the house is illuminated in the evening, the clear yet cosy interior can be surmised.
A subtle smell of wood permeates the solidly constructed building. The surfaces of the structural walls built of wood are left visible inside, which gives the interiors their warm ambience. The robust, sanded screed floor emphasises the analogy to a barn. The five-metre-high window in the living room stages the view of the tree and the rolling hills like a painting. Depending on the weather, time of day and season, changing landscapes appear. The room, which opens up to a height of eight metres all the way to the gable, has a gallery surrounding it on two sides. Downstairs, you can cook, eat or lounge on the benches by the fireplace. Upstairs, you can retire to the sofa with a book – and yet you are not excluded from the activities on the lower level. The house has four small bedrooms with 2×2 metre bed niches that are inspired by alcoves – two on the ground floor, two in the attic. They face east – with views of the sunrise and across the vast landscape to the Baltic Sea.
On the south side of the house is a covered terrace that connects the living space with the garden and provides shelter from the wind or sun. A wooden deck extends across the garden like a wide catwalk. The garden is laid out on two levels with the lawn on the upper level and the parking spaces and a shed, a large open space for playing ball or boules and the tree house on the street level, which is two metres lower.

What to do

Hohwachter Bucht with its beach and steep coast and a hinterland with forest, lakes and manor houses offers many possibilities: nature experiences during beach walks and bicycle tours, sporting activities (swimming, sailing, surfing, SUP, diving). There is a wide range of high-quality culinary treats on offer (e.g., Gut Panker in the immediate vicinity of Matzwitz) as well as a varied cultural programme in the historical towns of Holstein Switzerland (Eutin, Plön, Malente). 

Why we like this house

The house in Matzwitz is simple and yet special. Its simple aesthetics radiate a powerful clarity: A place where thoughts can come to rest.

This house is great for

Those who value peace and nature more than hustle and bustle will feel at home here. With four bedrooms, the house is also suitable for larger families or for families with teenagers who like to have a room of their own.


Region/Town DE – Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, Holstein Switzerland, Panker, Matzwitz
Name Haus in Matzwitz
Scenery In the village, in the hinterland of the Hohwacht Bay
Number of guests Max. 8 in 4 bedrooms
Completed 2021
Design Anja Richter (Architektin), Hamburg
Architecture Modern
Accomodation House
Criteria 1-2 (house/apartment), 1-4 (house/apartment), 1-6 (house/apartment), 1-8 (house/apartment), Beach, Family, Garden, Hiking, Sea

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  1. Die Architektur des Hauses ist toll – das sieht man ja bereits auf den Bildern. Es sind aber die Details, die den Unterschied machen – Küchenmesser, die schneiden, Geschirr von Rosenthal, hochwertige Bettwäsche – wieviele Ferienwohnungen gibt es, die ohne Ikea auskommen?
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  2. Der wunderbare Ausblick aus dem riesigen Fenster ist eine bleibende Urlaubserinnerung. Das Haus ist noch heimeliger und großzüger als es die Fotos vermitteln. Wir haben die Woche im Haus in Matzwitz sehr genossen!
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  3. …… klare Kante ,weiter Blick und auch Ostseewellen erreichbar – schönes Massivholz-Erlebnis im Innenraum- ein Einkehrraum für Groß und Klein
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