Manshausen is a small island on the Steigen-archipelago in northern Norway. The island was an important fishing port and meeting place for sailors and fishermen for centuries. Today nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts visit the small holiday resort established by the Norwegian polar explorer Børge Ousland. The historic building from 1800 has been renovated and serves as a main building with a kitchen, dining area and library. The four newly built sea-cabins are located in spectacular positions: Three of them cantilever on the old stone jetties, the fourth is perched on a rocky shelve. On the land side the houses are clad with larch wood; facing the sea, they are glazed on three sides and offer panoramic views of the nature and the play of the elements. There is room for up to five people: Each cottage has two double bedrooms, a sleeping alcove for children and a specially designed kitchen and bathroom in corian.

What to do

Trekking, kayaking, fishing, climbing, rowing, relaxing, yoga

Why we like this house

Simple and beautiful huts of wood and glass with spectacular views

Comments 4

Kathrin D’Alberti says:

Klein, fein, sehr zweckmässig und vorallem pflegeleicht!
Landschaftlich ein Traum!
Kathrin D’Alberti


Bernd aus Bayern says:

Dort möchte ich für immer leben. 😙


Susanna Florin says:

beautiful building wow!


Schmid Pia M. says:

Als Architektin bewundere ich den Umgang mit der grossartigen Landschaft.Pia Schmid Zuerich


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