Cure for wrinkles

Sometimes, whatever the trigger may have been, a hidden opportunity, a long overdue necessity suddenly decides to make its way out of perfect hiding and back into the light.

For me, it was – many years ago – a long-dormant wish. A wonderful, but also an all too long cherished, old wish. So old that it was covered in a thick layer of dust and had foolishly forgotten that dusty wishes cause wrinkles on the forehead.

But then, a picture popped up before my eyes, first on the outside, then before my inner eye. The image started to move, became a mental slide show, a movie, and out of the blue – with all the implications and turbulences, the beautiful as well as the challenging ones – my everyday life no longer unfolded in a German metropolis, but surrounded by the shimmering light of the south. And it does ever since.

A picture can turn a whole life upside down.
That is, when it captures just the one subtle colour, the one mood of light and shade or a house’s wall with exactly that kind of patina we were longing for. No more excuses: A good picture makes you brave! And those wrinkles on the forehead will magically disappear.

I still have that picture very clearly in my head. Since then, other inspiring images have come along and poked me or whispered something in my ear. Like the one of the Neuendorf House in Mallorca, captured by photographer Patricia Parinejad. This magnificently simple, masterfully contemplative house celebrates the present moment. And I? I take this silent presence with me into my day.

— Britta Krämer, Community Manager of HOLIDAYARCHITECTURE

Much of HOLIDAYARCHITECTURE’s work involves dealing with visual material. Sometimes there is a picture that particularly appeals to us – a photo that surprises us, fascinates us, or simply forces us to pay even more attention to a house or look at it from a different perspective. This gave rise to our – intentionally subjective and more personal – new series “One Picture”.

The house

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