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13.11.2018Newsletter: Editors’ Picks Selection 2019

In this month’s newsletter, our editorial team will present four houses selected from our new release, HOLIDAYARCHITECTURE Selection 2019. Of course, not just these but all thirty-four holiday homes featured in the book are truly something special — and certainly worth a visit.

04.11.2018Corte Campioli – Life is a lucky bag

At the beginning of 2012 Sabine and Christian Blumrath take a one-month break from their very successful and all-determining professional life and travel “to the end of the world”, into the sheer endless expanse of Patagonia. They face astonished limitless horizons, enjoy the wild silence of starry nights and experience the essence of ancient traditions. And they come to rest, and the rest creates the space for a great, urgent question: Does our life fulfill us? Patagonia becomes the midwife of a great decision: Get out – and dare a new beginning

29.10.2018In November still available: alte Säge, Austria

Clear days and spectacular early morning mists on Lake Weissensee: the award-winning “Alte Säge” (old sawmill) holiday apartments are the ideal retreats to relax and unwind. Each apartment comes complete with its own sauna and a fireplace to perfect its cosy, homely ambience.

18.10.2018Our new book: Selection 2019

Our new book HOLIDAYARCHITECTURE Selection 2019 is available now. Retreats for the discerning traveller. Refined, exhilarating, unique –Edition 2019 presents 34 extraordinary homes that will capture your imagination.

16.10.2018Newsletter: Bavaria – a blend of tradition and modernity

Traditions are as vital to Bavarian life as Dirndls are to the Oktoberfest. Bavarians nurture their customs, passing them on from generation to generation and reinterpreting them along the way. This applies not only to their traditional clothing and festivals, but also to their architecture. This month’s newsletter will prove that tradition and modernity need not be mutually exclusive – in fact they can complement and enrich each other.

14.10.2018Manshausen @DIE ZEIT

German weekly Die ZEIT will present new, exclusive destinations, e.g. our partner house Manshausen in Norway. The travel supplement is published at October 18th.

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