Das Blaue Pferd

“Das blaue Pferd” (The Blue Horse) is an old, four-sided farmstead in a small village in the Ruppiner Land of northwestern Brandenburg. Here, the Berlin-based artist Elisophie Eulenburg has created a retreat that promotes the interchange between the city and the countryside. The farm offers space for living, for holidays, for focused work, and for cultural activities.

The four buildings of this heritage-listed ensemble are grouped around a central, square courtyard. The farm has been carefully renovated and its rooms were designed by several artists and designers. The rooms are simple and unpretentious. The furnishings were chosen with sustainability in mind: they feature second-hand pieces and furniture designed and built by the owners. There are a total of ten places you can stay: a double and a single room with a bathroom and kitchen, as well as an apartment with four bedrooms, a kitchen, a living and dining room, and a bathroom. The rooms are heated with wood and tiled stoves.

The large barn, which can also be rented separately on request, serves as a venue to a variety of events, from exhibitions, readings, concerts and workshops, to yoga and table tennis matches. The coach house now contains work rooms and offices. And the farm also boasts a large organic garden that grows fruit trees, vegetables and herbs.

What to do

The farm is located on the edge of the biosphere reserve of Schorfheide (one of the largest forest areas in Germany) and the hilly landscape of the Uckermark. There are many lakes nearby where you can go swimming. You can also go cycling on the Berlin-Copenhagen bike path, or relax, explore nature, or concentrate on your work.

Why we like this house

A simple house without much luxury, but with charm and nostalgic ambience. Ideal for a (creative) break in the countryside.

This house is great for

Individuals, families and groups. Meetings & workshops. “Das blaue Pferd” promotes artistic and cultural endeavours.

Details of the property

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Brandenburg, Zehdenick

Name: Das blaue Pferd

Scenery: On the edge of the Biosphere Reserve Schorfheide

Accommodation: House

Number of guests: max. 10

Architecture: Old & new, Listed building - old

Completed: 2016

Design: Elisophie Eulenburg

Published: Good Travel, Liebling Brandenburg, Take me to the Lakes, etc.


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