Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær

In the far north of Norway – on a small island in the Fleinvær Archipelago within the Arctic Circle – the composer and musician Håvard Lund has created a retreat for artists and vacationers. The spectacular natural surroundings will inspire you and spur your creativity! This arctic hideaway is a small village consisting of ten monofunctional houses.The huts constructed of kebony wood rest on stilts and are fastened with steel cables to the craggy rock. There are four sleeping huts, a bath house, a house for cooking and dining, a lounge house (complete with an electric piano), a sauna and an outdoor kitchen. Fordypningsrommet roughly translates as “a space for deep thoughts” and this name’s promise is very much fulfilled by the hut perched at the very top of the slope, which will remind you of an oversized bird house and puts the breathtaking view of the sea and the neighbouring islands centre stage. It’s the perfect place to watch the dancing northern lights that appear in the sky from September through to April.

What to do

Relax and admire the dramatic scenery. Further recreational activities can also be organized, e.g. tours to neighboring islands, fishing trips, bird watching, hikes and shell collecting).

Why we like this house

Exciting architecture and dramatic natural scenery - the perfect retreat from the world.

This house is great for

Anyone who ever wanted to retire to a desert island - even just for a little while. Artists are offered an artist-in-residence program.

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