Fashion designer Irina Rohpeter and building engineer Nils Kistner have fulfilled their dream of building their own holiday house in the countryside. The result: the Knütthuus. They designed the house as a place to make connections. The Low German name doubles as the property’s motto: “knütten” means both knotting and knitting. The Knütthuus is a place where holidaymakers can come together. Local designers also display their products and artworks here. A striking yellow net made of ropes and an open spatial concept define the design theme. 
The house is located in Wendland, a rural region in the north-east of Lower Saxony, on a tree-lined, slightly sloped property. So as to interfere as little as possible with the surrounding nature, the timber frame construction rests on a foundation of concrete strips, creating a floating visual effect. With its simple shapes, light wooden facade, darkly framed windows, and aluminium roof, the building blends in easily with its surroundings. 
The heart of the 85 m² house is the open living space with a kitchen and dining area, which opens up to the roof and is extended outside in summer by a terrace. A staircase leads up to a gallery with a space for sleeping, playing or reading. On the ground floor there is a separate bedroom, bathroom and utilities room. The furniture was partly made by Nils Kistner himself. The carefully curated living accessories are presented in a brochure with information on their manufacturers as well as purchase options. This way guests can find out where to buy their favourite pieces for their own home.

What to do

Relaxing, cooking in the well-equipped kitchen, experiencing nature (Hoher Mechthin, Naturum Görde, Höhbeck, Nemitzer Heide). Hiking, horse riding, cycling, golfing, swimming in the heated summer forest pool, Gartow Castle, Medingen Monastery, Kulturelle Landparie (Cultural Festival in spring)

Why we like this house

A small, compact house; minimalistic, with unusual details. Perfect for a break in the country.

This house is great for

Nature loves, anyone looking for peace and relaxation, families. The upper area is also suitable as a play area for children, a staircase safety guard is available. In the living area there is a swing. The 1300 m² garden offers a lot of space fro children. There is a tree house to the rear of the property. 

Details of the property

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Lower Saxony, Wendland, Zernien

Name: Knütthuus

Scenery: In a dead end street at the edge of the village, the tree-lined property borders in the back part on a small wood and fields.

Accommodation: House

Number of guests: Max. 4 guests

Architecture: Modern

Completed: 2019

Design: Nils Kistner, Hamburg


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