Latest opportunities – how to find a nice accommodation for the summer at the last minute

Your holiday is just around the corner and you haven’t booked any accommodation yet? No problem. Even shortly before the start of the summer holidays, there are still some holiday homes available on Urlaubsarchitektur. All you will need now is: flexibility, some spirit of adventure and our hints. And here’s how it works…

If you book at short notice in summer and want to find a nice place to stay, you should be flexible. This is in particular the case for the peak months of July and August. All of Europe is now in holiday mode and many of the popular destinations have been fully booked for quite some time. However, don’t be discouraged and discover new, unknown places instead. Switch to the adventure mode! Our calendar function will help you with your search:

Step 1: Select your travel period

Click on the symbol of the magnifying glass to open a search field. Enter your desired date here. After clicking on the magnifying glass again, you will be shown all the accommodation that is still available in the selected period. You can recognise this in the overview by the green dot and the note “available”. All accommodation with a black dot, i.e. “not available”, is occupied. We cannot make any statements about accommodation with a red dot. We do not have the occupancy data for these houses and you will have to make your own enquiries or look at the owners’ website.

Step 2: Be flexible

Not all accommodation providers rent from Saturday to Saturday. Sometimes there are other changeover days or gaps that allow you to stay a few days more or less. You increase your chances if you select the button “I’m flexible” in your search. Now you will also be shown accommodations that have free capacities in the period of +/- 5 days. To get more detailed information about the free periods of a specific house, go to its entry page and look at the respective occupancy calendar at the end of the page.

Step 3: Ignore the filters

Using our filter function you can choose what is important to you. Rather a vacation home than an apartment, best in the mountains, suitable for families, accessible without a car or with an e-charging station, modern architecture or rather a historical monument. For long-term vacation planning, these filters are very helpful, for short-term not promising. The only filter you should set in any case is the number of fellow travelers. This is most likely fixed. Otherwise, the rule is: exclude as little as possible.

Step 4: Switch to the adventure mode

You want to go to Tuscany – but instead found a beautiful apartment in Apulia? The Baltic Sea islands are your planned destination – but the idyllically situated brick house in the Mecklenburg Lake District invites you with many beautiful bathing lakes? And instead of a holiday home on the Mediterranean, why not travel to a castle with a landscaped park and a view of the Pyrenees? Discover places that were previously unknown to you or had never occurred to you as a holiday destination. Maybe a holiday in South Tyrol will spontaneously turn into a holiday in France, and instead of a holiday flat, you might choose a B&B. If the accommodation is more important to you than the destination, you will definitely increase your chances of finding a great getaway.

Even in the absolute peak season, you can find free accommodation on HOLIDAYARCHITECTURE. Sometimes it just involves a little luck, because other guests changed their travel plans. Our calendar function allows our partner houses to immediately indicate vacancies that have become available at short notice. Most of the time, however, these are quickly booked up again. So sometimes it can happen that the indicated availability is already taken after some minutes. All partners try to keep their booking data as up-to-date as possible.

We wish all of you who are still on the treasure hunt: good luck – and lots of wonderful new experiences.

Published: June 2022

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