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No People

Tourism is, as we all know, basically a horror for travellers. Of course, one is seldom part of it oneself, but only a silent observer amidst the madding crowd. Slightly disgruntled as to why everyone else is there. Let’s take the example par excellence, the Côte d’Azur. Seductively beautiful. And packed in summer. From high society to family vacations. As early as 1958, Agnès Varda’s “Du côté de la côte” told the story in luminous colours and with charming humour about the crowds that have always flocked to the French Riviera, to populate its beaches in a colourful array.

Despite its popularity, the Côte d’Azur remains a place of yearning for me. In my mind I picture myself sitting on a deserted stone terrace under dense pine trees, my toes in a few pine needles, my nose buried in my book. When I look up, the sea is winking at me, next to me, the pale pastis. Around me, vegetation abounds, stretching unchecked to the water’s edge.

Almost like in “La Piscine”. Only without the pool and Alain Delon. But in a place that actually exists. Hidden away on Cap Bénat. Ever since I was allowed to describe the Villa Nyland (photo: Nathalie Mermans-Menschaert), I have been unable to get rid of this picture. A mixture of 50s bungalow nostalgia, modern revival and understated elegance. Clear forms, high rooms, wide views, no people, only nature. In the evening, they all come back from the beach and the rooms and terraces of the house are filled again, everyone cooking and laughing together. Luminous and colourful.

– Julia Hauch, freelance copywriter at URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR

Much of HOLIDAYARCHITECTURE’s work involves dealing with visual material. Sometimes there is a picture that particularly appeals to us – a photo that surprises us, fascinates us, or simply forces us to pay even more attention to a house or look at it from a different perspective. You can find this in our series “One Picture”.

The house


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