Reading tip: Uckermark Portraits

Countless lakes, dense forests, green meadows: The Uckermark, one of the most sparsely populated regions in Germany, not only offers plenty of space for a wide variety of lifestyles, but is also a “hotspot” of exceptional holiday homes.

What makes the region in the far northeast of Germany so special and lovable is shown by Jonathan Teklu (editor) and York Christoph Riccius (photographer) in their book publication Uckermark Portraits (Distanz Verlag, 2021), for which they portrayed more than a hundred people – locals and pioneers alike.

Among others, you met Prof. Johanna Michel and Dirk Preuss, long-time UA-partners who are responsible for the projects “Das Schwarze Haus”, “Die Kleine Acht” and the upcoming location “Pirol” (picture above).

© Distanz Verlag

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