Villa Mayr

Villa Mayr in Vahrn near Brixen, South Tyrol, is a house steeped in history. The building, which is more than 400 years old, used to be the summer residence of the Hotel Elephant in Brixen and was converted into a boarding house in 1878. One of the most famous guests was the composer Gustav Mahler, who is today commemorated by a suite bearing his name.

The architecture and design firm bergmeisterwolf has transferred the building into the present and created a symbiosis of old and new. On the ground floor, the removal of a wall resulted in a flowing sequence of rooms: reception area, bar and foyers now merge into one another. Historical wall panelling is combined with concrete walls and ceilings, antique furniture with modern design, playful glass chandeliers with simple brass luminaires. The historical staircase leads up to the first floor, its modern counterpart provides access to the second floor. The building was extended by one storey; the old decorative pediment with wood carvings is resplendent underneath the new roof. The hotel rooms are characterised by a modern ambience with pure wooden furniture with metal elements. Here, too, guests will find references to the past, such as the bathtub mounted on lion’s feet in the premium suite. It’s the dialogue between tradition and modernity and a play of colours that define the character of the villa: the sage-green hue, which appears as a subtle detail in the red wooden façade, is a design element in many of the rooms. The ceilings of the hotel rooms echo the red colour of the façade.

What to do

Playing billiards in the hotel, walking, hiking, cycling, visits to the Salern castle ruins, Neustift monastery with baroque monastery church, museum & pinacotheca (30-minute walk), shopping & strolling in Brixen (only 8 minutes by bus or car), excursions to the towns of Klausen and Bruneck; in winter: ski tours, skiing (the nearest skiing area can be reached in 20 minutes by car, other skiing areas within an hour).

Why we like this house

An exciting symbiosis of old and new. Villa Mayr has arrived in the present while retaining its historical character. The location of the house is ideal for guests who want to combine nature and culture. Here you are surrounded by vineyards, woods and mountains, yet you can quickly reach Brixen.

This house is great for

Single travellers, couples. Bikers are welcome (the hosts are enthusiastic motorcyclists).


Getting there without your own car is possible. The nearest bus stop is directly in front of the hotel, providing, among other things, a direct bus service to Brixen.

Details of the property

Region/Town: IT – Italy, South Tyrol, Brixen, Vahrn

Name: Villa Mayr

Scenery: In the heart of the village

Accommodation: Hotel

Number of guests: Max. 28 Gäste in 10 Zimmern und Suiten

Architecture: Old & new

Completed: 1878/2020

Design: Bergmeister Wolf, Brixen


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