Casa Sabir

Outside: a lively hustle and bustle. Inside: peace and quiet and the grandeur of bygone eras. Casa Sabir is located on the market square of the small island of Ortigia – the historic centre of the Sicilian city of Syracuse. The 85m2 apartment on the first floor of the house, built at the beginning of the 20th century, boasts a great deal of historical flair. High vaulted ceilings, old cement tiles and walls, which display the traces of the original plastering in different colours, characterise its ambience. Contemporary elements such as micro-cement coated floors and walls, modern lamps and furniture, and the kitchen island with a stainless steel worktop locate the apartment in the present. Paintings and photographs by the owner, the artist Luca Giannini, can be found throughout the apartment.

The centre of the apartment you will find the kitchen with a dining area, flanked on both sides by a bedroom. These three rooms open out with balconies facing the street and are flooded with light through the large windows. From the bed in the master bedroom you can enjoy views of the sea. At the rear of the apartment there is a living area with access to a wine storage room and two bathrooms.

What to do

Shopping at the local market, cooking, cooking lessons with a private chef, guided tours, archaeological tours, swimming. Hiking on the volcano Etna.

Why we like this house

Here you can immerse yourself with all your senses in the authentic Sicilian city lifestyle. The market with its colours, smells and noises is right in front of the (balcony) door. Those seeking peace and quiet will also find it in the stylish apartment with its historical flair and contemporary touch.

This house is great for

Couples, families, holidays with friends. Great for all who like to experience authentic food! 

Details of the property

Region/Town: IT – Italy, Sicily, Syracuse, Ortigia

Name: Casa Sabir

Scenery: Directly at the market place of Ortigia, very close to the sea

Accommodation: Apartment

Number of guests: Max. 4 in 2 bedrooms

Architecture: Old & new

Completed: 2018

Design: Luca Giannini & Iolanda Buonomo, Rome

Published: Archilovers, Archiportale, Détails de Architecture


est said:

Kehren gerade von einer herrlichen, sonnigen Februarwoche zurück in der wundervollen, geschmackvollen, perfekt ausgestatteten Wohnung für bis zu vier Personen direkt über dem Markt.
Das Einkaufen und Kochen macht dort einen solchen Spaß, dass wir es nicht geschafft haben , auch nur einmal einmal essen zu gehen….obschon es so viele gute Möglichkeiten in den nahen Umgebung gibt.

Der perfekte Platz, um im Winter Sonne, Ruhe und Licht zu tanken im wunderschönen Ortigia. Da fahren wir bestimmt wieder hin.

Marina Schramm said:

So unfassbar schön. Da will ich hin….

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