Le Casuzze & La Balza

Le Casuzze and La Balza are two holiday homes located on a ridge behind the Sicilian town of Noto – with broad views of the city and the sea.

La Casuzze, a cottage for seven people, was built using the original stones of the house that previously stood here. The three bedrooms (each with an en suite bathroom) are located where the stables once stood, while the living room replaces the old house. The kitchen has been placed in the gap that once existed between the two buildings. All the rooms can be accessed from the outside but are also internally connected – creating a sequence of rooms from the bedrooms to the kitchen to the living room. Next to the living area you will find a terrace and a not-quite-square pool, which was modeled on an antique water reservoir. From the roof terrace you can enjoy wide vistas across the Mediterranean maquis.

La Balza, the smaller of the two houses, is located on the same extensive property. It was originally a stable and has now been remodeled with metal and glass elements into a loft-style cottage for two people. The old walls have been preserved and these separate the living, sleeping and bathroom areas. To the front, you will find an open space with large panoramic windows and a view of your very own swimming pool.

What to do

The baroque town of Noto is 6 kilometers away, there are several beaches in the area, as well as the Vendicari anture reserve. Trips to the surrounding fishing towns and seaside resorts.

Why we like this house

These houses strike a perfect balance between simplicity and luxury, and blend in harmoniously with the wild, harsh landscape of the Mediterranean maquis.

This house is great for

La Balza is perfect for couples, Le Casuzze for families and friends.

Details of the property

Region/Town: IT – Italy, Sicily, Noto

Name: Le Casuzze & La Balza

Scenery: Amidst the mediterranean landscape not far from Noto

Accommodation: House

Number of guests: 1-7 & 1-2

Architecture: Old & new

Completed: 2017

Design: Gianluca Rossi, Bologna

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