Silent Expanses

I have been dreaming of a trip to Scotland for many years. Whenever I stumble across the pictures of the Black Shed, the same film plays in my mind: I want to go to the Highlands, to the remote islands, visit whisky distilleries, soak up the remote vastness of the moors and mountains with every breath. And, of course, see Edinburgh, preferably during the Fringe Festival, which has legendary status for me.

Then I look at this house and think to myself: never mind. Whatever I get to see of Scotland – once I arrive at this house on the Isle of Skye, everything will be fine. That’s all I need to immerse myself and arrive at the centre of my being at the same time.

My wife and I have often travelled without the glamour factor, very close to nature. Remote areas are often characterised by the fact that the few neighbours present are particularly warm and the scenery pristine and breathtaking – 180- to 360-degree panoramas included. Then that inner peace returns, which is often lost in the hectic daily life of Central Europe. Needs are reduced to the essentials and the experience becomes immediate: What really matters and what is unnecessary luxury is completely reordered.

I sometimes secretly dream about this at my desk. Whether that’s really true, I hope to find out soon. – Ulrich Stefan Knoll, CCO HOLIDAYARCHITECTURE

Much of HOLIDAYARCHITECTURE’s work involves dealing with visual material. Sometimes there is a picture that particularly appeals to us – a photo that surprises us, fascinates us, or simply forces us to pay even more attention to a house or look at it from a different perspective. You can find this in our new series “One Picture”.

The house

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  1. Upps, hab ich gedacht – hab ich diesen Artikel geschrieben? Denn mir geht es damit ganz genau gleich. Wann immer ich das Black Shed sehe, denke ich, da will ich unbedingt mal hin – wegen des Hauses aber auch wegen der umliegenden Landschaft, der Natur, der Einsamkeit wegen.
    In diesem Fall wünsche ich Ihnen und mir, dass wir den Schreibtisch Schreibtisch sein lassen können und dieses Erlebnis machen dürfen.
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