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Swords to Plowshares 2.0

When looking at the visionary projects of Munich architect Benedikt Hartl, some observers may shake their heads and accuse him of showmanship or a lack of realism. Put there.

Transforming Berlin Airport into a Covid superhospital, turning the Capitol in Washington into a fortress of democracy, adding social housing to Buckingham Palace?

In our time, with its manifold crises, great, seemingly impossible visions may become a paradigm necessary for survival. Or at least they provide us with the “air” to at least seriously think about a completely different, a possible reality, free from the catastrophe reports that assail us daily.

© Opposite Office, Benedikt Hartl
© Opposite Office, Benedikt Hartl

With Nord Stream 3 – Sleeping berths for peace Benedikt Hartl / Opposite Office has currently brought a concept into play that transforms the pipeline Nord Stream 2 into a center of international understanding and a shelter.

What may seem irritating, but also challenges us: Get out of your comfort zone, but above all, get out of your state of shock!

What do you think, dear readers?

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