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Advent calendar

6th door
This is the house of Santa Claus… and Father Christmas lives next door.

Can you imagine anyone who hasn’t tried to draw “Santa’s House”, an old German drawing game for small children, where you have to draw a house in one line, without lifting the pencil and without drawing a line twice? Mathematically speaking, there are 88 possibilities to do this. But if you start at one of the top three points, you won’t have a solution by Christmas. Why this is the case was discovered by mathematician Leonhard Euler in the 18th century with his graph theory when he tried to solve the “Königsberg Bridge Problem”… If you want to find out all the details, you can now google your way through the mathematical spheres, while everyone else can take a tour of the HOLIDAYARCHITECTURE Santa Claus houses. And those of Father Christmas right next door. Hohoho.

By the way, the sixth door of our advent calendar belongs to this house on HOLIDAYARCHITECTURE:

Holidayarchitecture door for 6 December

So, this is Christmas… again! Throughout Advent, the Urlaubsarchitektur team will be presenting daily gift tips, stories and inspiration for architects, travel enthusiasts and for Christmas grinches, too!


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