Pension Briol

Hotel Briol can only be reached on foot or with a taxi jeep. Time seems to stand still up here at 1310 meters height above sea level. In 1928 the guesthouse – originally built as an addition to the hotel Bad Dreikirchen – was redesigned in the Bauhaus style by the artist Hubert Lanzinger. The result is a cubic structure with a flat roof and a wooden loggia overlooking the valley. From the interior on to the dishes up to the colour design: everything matches to the last detail. This work of art has remained essentially unchanged until today. In the simple, no-frills rooms you can wash yourself in the original bowls. The motto is simplicity, reduction and authenticity: Instead of heating there is a hot water bottle service, instead of watching TV you enjoy terrific views of the Dolomites and instead of a Jacuzzi you will find the original “first“ public swimming pool of South Tyrol from 1928. And instead of the hustle and bustle there is tranquility, unspoiled nature and a lot of time for idleness.

What to do

In the natural surrounds of Briol you can walk, relax, sauna or swim in the pool. Moreover you can mountainbike, undertake hiking tours in the mountains or explore the sights in the surrounding area such as Trostburg castle, the city of Klausen or the convent of Säben on foot.

Why we like this house

A house practically untouched by time. Here you can go on holiday like they did in the past.

Comments 1

Mathias Michel says:

Als Gast kenne ich Briol nun schon über 50 Jahre. Ein Ort, an dem die Zeit still zu stehen scheint.
Und trotz der Zeitlosigkeit ist es heute vielleicht moderner denn je.
Die vielen oft auch gerade jungen Gäste bestätigen dies eindrucksvoll.

Eigentlich kann ich persönlich gar keinen unbefangenen Eindruck mehr über Briol schreiben, dazu bin ich viel zu sehr verwurzelt. Aber ich kenne viele Gäste, die nach ihrem ersten Besuch auch gleich zu Stammgästen wurden. Dies sollte man bedenken, wenn man “kurzfristig” im Sommer ein Zimmer möchte.


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