Surrounded by mountains and rows of olive and almond trees, SpronkenHouse is situated on a spacious plot of land in the Spanish province of Castellón. Designed by the Dutch artist and sculptor Xander Spronken, the house is a living sculpture constructed of concrete, wood, iron and glass. Six-meter-high columns are connected with wooden beams, the spaces between them filled with huge frameless glass panes, and distributed throughout the house you will find elements of hand-forged iron. The ambience is characterised by the interplay of space and negative space, of inside and out, light and shadow, and the pure beauty of the materials. Despite the high columns and the robust timber beams, the rooms are bright and airy. The boundaries between the exterior and interior are broken, an effect intensified by the vast height of the rooms.

SpronkenHouse consists of two buildings, the 160 sq m east wing and the 150 sq m west wing. These modules, each with space for four people and their own pool, may be rented separately or together.

What to do

Hiking in the Desert de les Palmes nature reserve, visiting the surrounding mountain villages, trips to the cities of Castellón, Valéncia, Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea (30 minutes)

Why we like this house

Here you can spend your holidays within a work of art.

This house is great for

Holidays with family and friends. A house for art & architecture lovers!

Details of the property

Region/Town: ES – Spain, Castellón, Les Useres

Name: SpronkenHouse

Scenery: In the "Spanish Tuscany", surrounded by olive and almond trees

Accommodation: House

Number of guests: 2 houses for max. 6 guests each

Architecture: Old & new

Completed: 2018

Design: Xander Spronken , Maastricht

Published: Savoir Vivre 2018


Lucie Moormann said:

ein Traum!

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